Ariane 6 cryo-arms test as a lift

Video: The Ariane 6 cryo-arms test simulates a pregnancy

European Spaceport in French Guiana is preparing for the arrival of Ariane 6, ESA’s new heavy lifter. The next round of testing is expected to test the system of fuel lines and mechanical support arms to keep Ariane 6 up with hydrogen water and oxygen water at critical times before departure. Ana. This work is part of the final preparation of the new Ariane 6 team and all the necessary systems for a start -up.

With the full return of the fixed phone – as it started – the two articulated arms attached to the upper side of the Ariane 6’s post were detached and returned to the flight deck when completed. With hydrogen cooled in its aqueous state at cryogenic temperatures. This action takes seconds before leaving.

The “cryo-arms” are part of the fluidic bonding system associated with Ariane 6 in the last number to begin with. They support the upper umbilicals to provide cryogenic top-up fuel, maintain the correct pressure of the drums, cool the engines before ignition and always maintain the upper umbilicals in the best possible condition until place of abandonment. The same umbilicals can drain fuel safely if a discharge is released.

Each arm is 13 m long and weighs 20 metric tons. One hand delivers liquid hydrogen at -250 ° C, the other delivers liquid oxygen at -180 ° C. When Ariane 6 is lifted, these arms will detach from the rocket and then pivot rapidly, into Only 2.6 seconds, which didn’t stop the rocket from going up.

Available: ESA / CNES / Arianespace

This maneuver requires great accuracy. Almost at the same time it is necessary to remove the handles, prevent the supply hoses from gas ejections from the injectors and allow the exhaust valve to run while avoiding contact with it.

The 50-metric ton counterweight in the mast is quick to pull the arms. An intelligent welding system allows the arms to break before they have finished swinging backwards in order to prevent mechanical links with the mast.

Maintaining the water supplies connected to the rocket until the time of departure will ensure the best possible access and ease of interface with the starting car.

The cryo arms release from Ariane 6 is faster than Ariane 5, where the action comes six seconds before departure. This means that the sequence for Ariane 6 can be triggered the last time in the countdown, reducing the time of non -unlocking during a release.

Technology trials continue. The goal now is to complete the process of hydrogen and oxygen filling lines and diffusion agents for the low level.

The first group tests like the Ariane 6 liftoff

Provided by the European Space Agency

Directions: Video: Ariane 6 cryo-arms test mimics liftoff (2022, April 15) downloaded on April 16, 2022 from -liftoff.html

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