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Contrary to popular belief, PRP injections not only help hair growth on the scalp but other parts of the body as well. However, let us consider the benefits of PRP injections in the previous case. Many people who have thinning hair can choose to perform this small, non-surgical procedure to promote hair growth in different areas of the scalp. Best of all, the results are quite natural. In addition, downtime is minimal. After an hour or so of taking care of yourself, you can get on with your day without any problems.

If androgenetic alopecia is not the cause of your hair loss, you may start to notice improvements in your hair after a few months. The success of medicine has allowed people to heal different parts of their body by using cells taken from their own blood. The amazing effects of PRP injections are appreciated in the healing properties of our platelets. The best thing is to prepare a PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) solution from the blood taken from your body, there is no risk of any infection and can be changed.

It’s normal even if it’s just your blood. No additives were added to the result. With their injection, the herbs in effect help to regenerate the affected areas. However, as mentioned above, the use and benefits of PRP injections are not limited to the hair follicles. They are used to treat osteoarthritis and the symptoms of aging on the skin. So let’s take a closer look at these things.

PRP Injections for Face aka Vampire Facial

When PRP injections are used for the eye, the treatment is called facial vampire. In fact, the idea behind its use is like a hair spray. Blood is drawn from your body, resulting in a valuable plasma effect by pumping the blood into a centrifuge. This is applied over the face. But that was not the end of it. To allow the solution to penetrate deep into the skin, micro-needling is performed on all areas of the eye. Micro-needling is important for creating small tears in the skin, which are thought to be trauma by the body. It then increases collagen production in response to pain. The effect itself is to increase collagen and elastin production.

It may hurt a little to take care of it, but it can be taken care of. You will begin to see the benefits of taking care of it in the short term. The vampire facial can tighten the skin and tighten the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, it is helpful in treating hyperpigmentation and blackheads or sores from injuries. If you want to achieve a youthful look, you may want to consider getting a vampire facial.

PRP Injections for thinning hair

During hair loss, blood is drawn from the scalp and then placed in a centrifuge. This will separate the different pieces. Only the most important plasma platelet is taken and stored in the head. This treatment can help your hair grow and strengthen your hair follicles. However, it should be noted that if you are experiencing hair loss due to genetic factors, you can be advised by an ocher doctor to change your hair before taking this treatment. In addition, you may be advised to take PRP injections after a hair transplant to further improve the volume of your hair. Smoking, drinking, medications and illnesses cannot keep you from getting PRP medication.

Is it really a treatment for pain from Osteoarthritis?

The trial must be repeated in this manner. PRP therapy for osteoarthritis pain is still in the experimental stages, and in fact, not recommended by the American College of Rheumatology and the Arthritis Foundation (ACR / AF). In some studies, it has been shown to reduce pain, although no one has seen any benefits derived from its implants. There is a lot that is not known about it, so it is best not to pay attention until there is a lot of evidence about its benefits, advantages, and side effects. That’s not to say it’s not very good, it can help with the pain of osteoarthritis.


PRP is well known for treating damaged tissues in various parts of the body. It is widely used to treat hair loss, but can also help with symptoms of aging in the form of a vampire facial. There is insufficient evidence on the efficacy of osteoarthritis pain. The medicine is intended to rededicate the skin and help make new cells, so it works similarly to stem cell transplantation.

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