Apple TV + won Best Picture at the Oscars. Everything is different now

End up by 2021, the voice will be seen. The Power of the Dog, leading Jane Champion’s Western alllegory about toxic masculinity, is on track to become a Best Picture Oscar winner for Netflix. With a total of 12 voting options, it ran high. In March, however, things changed. Coming soon CODA, a plucky coming-of-age Apple TV + drama that filmed at Sundance last year, is gaining traction. He has won top honors at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Producers Guild of America Awards while Dog as if chasing his tail. On the Sabbath day, it was passed. CODA It won high honors, marking the first time a streaming service has been created.

This is a long time to come, and that time is full. Ever since Netflix and Amazon began searching for prestige in the hopes of winning cups (and thanksgiving), Hollywood has been waiting, with excitement, to see if a streaming service is possible. to win the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ’prestigious award. pile. Not everyone in the industry wants players like Netflix to record big wins, especially since the company is so important in moving movies from theaters to the inside. of living rooms. At the time of Netflix Rome Working on a game for the top prize in 2019, an Oscars advertising consultant told Vulture that voting for the black -and -white family game Alfonso Cuarón “was a choice for the death of the player. cinema by TV. ” Steven Spielberg, lady West Coast History She was nominated for seven awards this year and won one, saying that Netflix movies are not suitable for Oscars, saying they are like TV movies. Now, big wins are seen for streamers here to stay.

Although it is impossible to think of a streaming service not at all winning the best image, how it can come, or it will be done, is part of the struggle. First lucky Amazon, available Manchester By the Sea at Sundance and then running several Oscar nominations in 2017. Netflix, while it was the only one recorded for movies at festivals, had its homegrown productions even better as . The Irishman a Rome. But that doesn’t mean the two aren’t over. Netflix got 35 nods and Amazon got 12 last year, but only one nod last – for The Great Disease– The year after his Manchester won. They couldn’t hold on to the high gift, even though it was constantly surrounding him.

All of this makes Apple’s victory very exciting. After years of Netflix and Amazon trying to make and find their way to the top – while old Hollywood students looked down their noses – Apple has improved on a film that has been filmed. and Sundance. Of course, he paid a fine penny for * CODA— * reportedly about $ 25 million – but he won. The power and killing other juggernauts, such as Warner Bros. Dune and films from previous Oscar winners such as Spielberg and Guillermo del Toro (Dream path). For a streaming service, while backed by Apple’s funding, which was only released in November 2019, it’s a lot. One could argue that the production and release of the delays made by Covid-19 makes room for small films to produce a bigger sound than was possible in previous years. now, however, can be downloaded from an indie studio such as A24. before Apple.

But the Oscars were only one night away. The results of this victory will be seen for some time, in Hollywood and in the offices of the rivers. In recent years, Netflix has run itself in search of an Oscar gold – and may have lost some of its work in the process – so what is it now that has won? Apple them a great gift? There’s no doubt that he’ll make games again, but now CODA He showed the nature of the industry, will Netflix emulate that industry? What will Amazon do? Will the studios work? The success of Apple TV + ensures that the old hatred of streams is over (or diminished) and that some of them can win. People now know that the best movies in the world are just a click away. Traditional studios realize that they can change their looks without compromising on the availability of their film.

For a long time, Hollywood was like a riot by streamers in a battle for the soul of Tinsel Town – how it runs, who gets in, how a “movie” is defined. In fact, there may be something to that. Filmmaking, as well as filmmaking, has thrived over the years because films are a big part of cultural funding. They are also filmmakers who have large corporations looking to make films that are certified to sell tickets to theaters. For years, even more so in the 1990s when Oscars viewing was even higher than it is today, the best film winners were a crowd pleaser like Titanic a Forrest Gump, overcame the accusers and was killed at the coffin. The interior of the films, as well as the filmmakers, found a shot at a small golden man.

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