‘Apple can’t do something like what I did’

Want to build a rocket ship but don’t have the deep bags of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson?

You may want to check out the Rocket Factory, a “trans-dimensional manufacturing plant” created by artist Tom Sachs, where you can build and install a custom rocket on the physical and physical worlds. the earth. The program is one of the most thoughtful users of NFTs, a start -up technology that creates single -type objects by giving them a unique code that cannot be recorded and stored. It stands at the center of cryptocurrency, the metaverse, and man’s constant desire for innovation. You create an independent rocket on the network that is recorded as an NFT, it builds a meatspace copy and releases it, and you decide what comes next after the image.

Sachs’s sustainability program uses a new type of standard called a blockchain, which is a public database that allows you and only you to authenticate the NFT; the metaverse, or 3D world where one believes that the amount of human interaction is moving rapidly; and our constant desire for a new frontier, all of which are features of what is often called web3 – the next level of web development.

Sachs was a well -known painter and artist known for making real -world copies of objects. One of his most acclaimed projects, for example, was the creation of a scale replica of Le Corbusier’s new building project The Radiant City from foamcore. Other forgotten pieces include the making of a complete model of the atomic bomb that fell in Nagasaki and, in the nod to Andy Warhol, a kind of shipping box for homeowners like Kellogg’s corn. flakes, Brillo pads, and Heinz ketchup. During his long study of flight, he created three “Space Program” organizers, each showing how to fly to the moon, Mars, and beyond.

The teacherNick Gillespie spoke with Sachs in his office in Manhattan’s Soho to talk about the role of psychedelics in his production, how the system greatly streamlined and improved the relationship between the artist and the audience, and why his NFT stones worked hands on as exciting, innovative, and inspiring as those made by Bezos, Musk. , and Branson.

Photo Credit: Budrul Chukrut / SOPA Images / Sip / Newscom; Zheng Huansong Xinhua News Agency / Newscom; Eric Draper of Virgin Galactic / ZUMA Press / Newscom; Britta Pedersen / dpa / photo-agreement / Newscom; Genevieve Hanson; Tom Sachs; Aleksandra Malysheva / iStock photo

Written and edited by Nick Gillespie. Created and edited by Kevin Alexander. Shot by Daniel Schloss and Kevin Alexander.

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