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Prominent speaker, author, founder of HARO (Help a Reporter Out), founding editor of AOL News—and frequent traveler—Peter Shankman is happiest when to go. For him, flying is as fun as reaching his destination.

“An airplane is my happy place. It’s where I can fix everything and focus on my work,” he said. “I wrote five books while sitting on airplanes!”

What started this love of air travel? “I’m a New Yorker born and raised. When I started my own PR business, I started traveling to meet clients outside of NYC and I fell in love with the whole experience,” she says. “That’s when I realized the value. of airline loyalty. The first airline I had status with Continental.”

And when did COVID-19 take care of him? “It’s bad. I have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) so the lack of travel – the lack of a work schedule! – during COVID-19 has been difficult for me to cope with,” said Peter. “Nine major cancellations in three days. If I had known that my flight on March 8, 2020 would be my last flight for nine months, I would have stayed on it longer.”

On managing ADHD—and its travel plans

Having ADHD (check out his podcast on the topic) is one of the reasons why Peter relies on TripIt to manage his travel plans.

“Once I had my travel plans in the app, I knew they were taken care of. I didn’t have to worry about them,” he said. “I send my plans and—boom—they go to my calendar; to my mom’s calendar; to my calendar; to my girlfriend’s calendar. Everyone knows it’s connected. measure my schedule, thanks to TripIt.

What else does he want to do with TripIt? “Flight alerts – like my gate changing or my flight being delayed – are helpful. I love looking at my Travel Stats.

“But above all, TripIt keeps me sane. I would pay three times the annual fee of TripIt Pro for the peace of mind it gives me,” said Peter.

‘Travel is easy, but technology is heavy’

Staying organized with TripIt means Peter has more time to enjoy the trip—and less time.

“Although I usually spend my time on the plane working, I like to have fun. I like to catch my flight passes—so yes, I always book the window seat!”

Peter told me his travel motto: ‘Travel is light, but technology is heavy.’ Therefore, he packs only a carry-on bag, but he also swears by SCOTTeVEST-a clothing brand that produces travel clothing with multiple pockets for all of its equipment.

Therefore, there are only glass windows; just take it—what about the memories? “I’m always looking for good memories for my daughter,” she said.

And while he’s on his way to Asia (“the best hotels in the world!”), he thinks everyone should visit Morocco at least once in their lives. “Well, a place called Skoura, Morocco. You won’t see stars like that anywhere else in the world,” he said.

Any final advice for her fellow travelers? “Practice kindness. Especially now. Especially with your flight attendants.

Want to know where Peter goes? You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter keep up with his latest travel stories, tips—and the passing of time.

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