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Before the COVID-19 disease, you can find Julia Menez, the founder of point-a-miles podcasts and discussions, Geobreeze, land-hopping around Europe and Asia. He often took four or more world tours a year; jumps often in the economy – and in places and miles. His flight route? Cruises. Her favorite? Tallinn, Estonia.

“I’m a big Game of Thrones fan,” Julia told me. “High Valyrian has a teacher of Estonian, so I really pulled it off. Tallinn is beautiful. I think everyone!”

Fast forward to 2022, and the journey is a little different for Julia.

“Right now, I go home a lot – or twice a year in the world. I choose career or first class when I work. It’s a little trip, but it’s a very good experience – and the nets are the same price, ”he said.

He plans trips that involve less flight – and more occupancy – due to the higher border level at the COVID -19.

Numbers and miles – a game where everyone wins

When she’s not there, Julia runs her podcast where she interviews specific planners to learn about their free travel. He is a number planning consultant, helping people improve their number-a-mile game.

In fact, he is always looking to put his numbers and miles to use.

“I keep a list of fat-travel spots, and then watch out for the best gift,” he says. “When it comes to booking, I first grab a gift I get – whether it’s a plane or a hotel – and then I build the rest of my trip from there.”

So what’s on his list of gifted travel destinations? “For starters, Hellene! When I was young, I became very interested in Greek music. It was my dream to visit, but it is more expensive to travel if you pay with money. I plan to go this year with numbers and miles. ”

Seating arrangement – from design to stability

In planning a trip, Julia and her husband split up. He kept a record of airplanes and buildings with their numbers and miles; he cares for the details on the earth.

But in planning their trip, Julia relied on TripIt.

“I use TripIt to keep my credentials in one place. I don’t have to dig into my emails, especially when I’m watching a flight. I also use it to verify that I booked the right hotel dates.You’re late, the last thing you think is, did I book a room for tonight?

On the way, Julia uses TripIt flight maps to navigate to the box and see nearby guest rooms. He also looked at the COVID-19 tour guide model to see what to expect from foreign entry requirements.

And when she got home, Julia used TripIt to help her decide when she would get the status of the permanent program. “The Point Tracker features and the way TripIt organizes trips to keep track of when I get the status each year have been very helpful.”

With other great travel information in the air – and other countries to claim on her map – you might catch Julia in the audience in the living room, helping someone write down their travel dreams with numbers and miles (check it out on Instagram for tips!), or one of the two.

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