An interstellar object exploded on Earth in 2014, government data show

A fireball that exploded on Earth in 2014 was a natural rock from another star system. (Photo credit: Vadim Sadovski / Shutterstock)

A second fireball in the sky over Papua New Guinea in 2014 was a fast -moving object from another star system, according to a new message released by the U.S. Space Command (USSC).

In fact, a small meteor only 1.5 feet (0.45 meters) across the horizon was released into Earth’s atmosphere in January. 8, 2014, after traveling in the sky at about 130,000 mph (210,000 km / h) – a speed much faster than the average meteors that orbit in the solar system, according to a 2019 study. (opens on new page) which is printed in the preprint file arXiv (opens on new page).

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