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Will airfare and American travel continue to rise this summer? Or will tourists keep their eyes on the gift – for many, their travel bucket list – despite the price tag?

We’ve asked more than 1,800 U.S.-based TripIt users about their upcoming trip, and while rising prices and COVID-19 worry them, more than 95% of the survey respondents who plan to travel next year. And some want to spend (tens of) thousands more to do so.

Nearly half of American tourists plan single trips in a lifetime

According to our research data, close Two -thirds (64%) of respondents plan to travel as much – or more—Next year before COVID-19. Over a third (36%) plan to go small.

What are their travel plans? Our data shows two -thirds (66%) plan to travel for a summer vacation; 64% plan to visit family or friends; 47% are planning a vacation break; 45% are going for work; 31% are planning a winter vacation; 22% are planning a leisure trip; 19% plan to take a single trip; and 14% are planning a camping trip.

For half (41%) of American travelers, one of their trips next year will look at the box on a travel list. One -third (33%) of respondents planning to travel independently said their trip was a list trip. In addition, 29% said their vacation (we see you, seasonal shoulder trips!) Was a bucket list trip; 27% said their vacation was one summer.

rising travel costs

So how much do such trips cost? Of those planning a bucket-list trip, the majority (62%) said they Bucket list tours are more expensive than a regular tour—For the majority (47%) between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000 more.

Tourists have to cut back on food to save money for travel

Hana all over Will future trips (bucket-list or otherwise) be a way to spend more money? Nearly a third (32%) of respondents said yes. Our data shows that more than a quarter (26%) of new recipients will spend an additional $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 on travel this year. It was estimated that they would spend more than $ 10,000.

America get lost More money than usual on a trip loaded for:

  • Aircraft prices are rising (51%)
  • Overall revenue growth (49%)
  • Gas prices are rising (34%)
  • Plan more trips (34%)

For many people, planning a trip is just what they need to make money. Nearly a third (29%) of respondents changed or planned to adjust their entire spending to meet the cost of the trip. Our data also shows that 81% of respondents who cut back (or are planning to cut back) will reduce their spending on eating out, and 64% will reduce incidents. No concerts, and 58% reduce spending on travel clothes.

rising travel costs

People are talking about their design the costs will decrease more than usual (only 15% of respondents), 79% say their planned trip is too small, 19% plan small trips, and 18% plan to visit places that are more financially connected.

And while some think otherwise let it be equalif prices continue to rise, 38% will plan to travel less or increase their income.

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The increase in COVID-19 cases could affect summer travel plans

Aside from the costs, some Americans continue to face other challenges of travel today.

Major related problems:

  • A trip may have to be canceled or rescheduled due to COVID-19 restrictions, requirements, or illness (41%)
  • Flights or delays (41%)
  • Koina (33%)
  • Continuing to limit travel and guides (26%)
  • COVID-19 test for travel (21%)

Those worries are worth it for Americans to plan to travel soon. For starters, the shortage of staff on international airlines (and planes, for that matter) continues to create a fixed travel time that is more difficult and unpredictable.

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On the face of COVID-19, while only 8% of those who traveled in the past six months tried (and went with someone who tried) positive for COVID-19 during the trip, it was 300% (from only 2%) according to research data we released in March.

Of course, travelers are very familiar with this fact: respondents say change or terminate their travel plans if they tested positive for COVID-19 (75%), they were associated with someone who tested positive (33%), or COVID-19 cases in their destination were increase (30%). To compare this, 31% plan to end their trip now if the price continues to rise.

If this trend continues, price concerns could go ahead of COVID-19 concerns. But in the meantime, realizing the bucket-list travel dreams and / or 2022 holiday planning is the solution to rising costs and COVID-19 requirements (and risks).

Procedure: TripIt surveyed more than 1,800 users around the U.S. to understand their upcoming travel plans, as well as their style and attitude in relation to the rise of travel. price. The review took place May 24 – June 1, 2022.

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