Amazon employees said they weren’t aware of the smoke spreading in the store

Amazon employees said they weren’t as vigilant as they thought smoke filled the third floor of a Bessemer, Alabama store on Friday, according to a report from Retail , Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) (ma o Hookomo). Although workers on the third floor were told to watch, go on unpaid leave, and leave, workers on the other floors were left to continue working as an unseen steam on the ground. the house. The “smoke” behind it was seen as vaporized oil from a malfunctioning compressor.

According to RWDSU at the time of the events, staff left on the third floor around 1:30 PM. A few hours later, staff on the first floor began to notice what looked like smoke and did not leave until 5:45 PM. It was reported that they did not receive a notification from a fire department, officials, or through the Go and A and Z app screens that Amazon uses to communicate with its employees, and that only the knowledge that leaves most employees has the word of status.

When they came out, RWDSU said there was a “border” and fire police. When workers started the night at 7:00 PM, workers were told to get in and start work while there was a “cloud” in the building.

“At first, I thought my glasses were just shining, but the air was thick, and my co -worker said he thought it was smoke and we had to leave,” said Isaiah Thomas, an Amazon store manager at where Bessemer told RWDSU. “Everyone is very smart, and the lack of information has made us very safe … I don’t know what I’ve been breathing for so long, and I don’t know if it’s in the air. work today. ”

RWDSU said the staff had reported the situation to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, and were “awaiting a new investigation.” Although smoke is a fuel oil, it is not known if it is a health problem.

Amazon’s Kelly Nantel called RWDSU’s comments “false” in a statement. Hookomo. “The malfunction of the air compressor resulted in smoke from the equipment,” Nantel said at the door. “Because of the amount of vigilance, we left the building and called the local fire department to respond and quickly evaluate and clean up the system. We are thankful no one was hurt and we appreciate the quick actions of the firefighters.” Bessemer Fire Department.

To the Verge Amazon and RWDSU reached out with a request for comment but were not immediately heard from.

Workers at Amazon’s Bessemer store have been struggling to keep up. A union election was held last February and a large number of workers voted against union action. However, union organizers have complained to Amazon for censoring the ballot, saying Amazon had access to a mailbox used to cast their ballots. The National Labor Relations Board later ruled Amazon had violated U.S. labor laws, and called for a new election that begins Feb. 4 of this year on Friday – according to the poll. voting for an Amazon Staten Island, New York store, called JFK8, begins. A Staten Island grocery store, LDJ5, is also set to begin voting on April 25th.

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