Alio received FDA 510 (k) for his remote disease monitoring system

Alio announced that it has received FDA 510 (k) approval for its remote monitoring system that collects data about skin temperature, auscultation, or internal sounds, and the heartbeat.

The system, place got green in late March, powered by the SmartPatch wearable sensor, its Bedside Hub to collect and upload patch data, the Alio Medical Cloud that stores that information, and a dedicated portal to the doctor.

Alio said this is the first of the FDA documents prepared for the company. It came less than a year after Alio had been arrested $ 20 million Series B round trip.

“Alio is being led by innovation. Since Alio’s inception, we have always known that monitoring patients remotely with Alio can increase the outcomes of the disease and improve the quality of life in the lowest cost in the health care system, ”CEO David Kuraguntla said in a statement. “We’re excited to have reached this milestone as a profession, which makes our knowledge of the truth so much closer.”

Why it is

Although Alio said he is doing medical research to verify the use of the system for other symptoms, his current focus is on remote monitoring. Post -traumatic stress disorder, in which girls are unable to function properly on their own and require dialysis or a transplant.

According to the The United States Renal Data System 2020 Annual Data Report, nearly 786,000 people in the country have chronic kidney disease, can significantly improve survival. It’s also an expensive position to maintain; Medicare’s total funding for medical care for patients with the most recent chronic illness reached $ 37.3 billion in 2019, about 7% of the costs paid by Medicare.


There are some competitors in the remote medical field. Athelas, which provides remote sensors with its head The blood diagnostics machine, which earned $ 132 million in two funding rounds, reduced its cost to $ 1.5 billion.

VitalConnect, the manufacturer of biosensors for the management of disease and distance $ 39 million was raised in Series E funding earlier this year. However, Cadence, which specializes in cancer management, raised $ 100 million in December.

Best Buy is also moving towards remote control and providing health care at home with its new product. have the Life of the present. Last month, Current unveiled new features for its platform that aims to help providers manage chronic health conditions such as hypertension, asthma, COPD, CHF and diabetes. diabetes.

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