Al Falaj Hotel – your place to stay in Muscat, Oman

This is my first time in Oman! My country 172! During my first days in Muscat, I stayed at Al Falaj Hotel.

I was so happy to finally land in Oman! My country is 172nd (152nd UN), so I am ready and willing to see the Middle East again! I started in Muscat, the capital city, where Al Falaj Hotel became my home for a few days. It was a great start as there are so many tourists in this country so staying in a comfortable hotel is important. That was Al Falaj Hotel for me! Below is more information about this hotel.

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Things to do in Muscat, Oman

1. Appreciate the beauty of the Mosques

There are several Mosques to be seen and admired in Muscat. All of these things stand out beautifully and you should see them!

  • Grand Mosque of Sultan Qaboos – A visit to the mosque is a must. The main hall can be visited free of charge. The large gardens around the church are amazing. Advice: Shoes should be taken off before entering and women should wear covered clothing. The women’s prayer room was small and the men’s main room was very different and beautifully designed.
  • Mosque Mohammed Al Ameen – The Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque is only a few years old and is located on a hill shown. Since the church is not for sale, consider the small number of visitors when you visit. The church is beautiful and the lake needs to be seen, so please visit!

2. Visit the Museums behind the Museums!

In Muscat, there are many museums for you to find! In this way, you can learn more about this historic city. Even if you don’t like museums, there are actually many to choose from that will capture your interest.

  • National Museum – It is a new and spacious museum. In various offices, the development of Oman from prehistoric times to the present is described. The exhibits are well illustrated (in English and Arabic). Some witnesses directly invite you to touch (or capture) them. In a cinema, the history of Oman is summed up in a 15-20 minute film (in English and Arabic) – very worth seeing.
  • Sultan’s Military Museum – A very interesting exhibition that tells the history of Oman’s military activities from ancient times to the present day. The museum’s exhibits are well organized with their historical section.
  • Ghalya Museum of Imaginary Art – A small museum gives an insight into Omani life in the 50s / 60s / 70s. Shows living rooms and other rooms that are used during the summer or winter. The Art Gallery also displays works by Omani artists.
  • Nature Museum – This small museum offers an insight into the wildlife and world history of Oman. The orchard is also interesting, with some views of Boswellia Sacramento, the frankincense tree, and more!
  • Oman Children’s Museum – It’s a great museum about the advent of science fiction for children’s development. More than 11 years old, the game here is like a new experience for a child.
  • Bait Al Zubair – It is a cultural park that opened its doors to the public in 1998. The complex consists of five separate buildings and a garden with traditional features, a cafe, and a gift shop. Unfortunately, it is forbidden to take pictures in the museum.

3. Explore Natural Wonders – Beach and Wadis

If you like to swim in the sun, Muscat is the perfect place to clean up! Wadis is a real wonder in the city you will see! Here are some beaches and wadis that we encourage you to visit.

  • Qurum Beach – It was a very beautiful and long beach down the road. The water is clean and very clear. There are several cafes and restaurants near the beach.
  • Music Library Wadi Bani Khalid There is no doubt that the class visited in the land is more sacred to breathe in the full beauty of the land. Just have fun like a dream and if you have the right swimwear with you, you can get in the water or eat the fish at your feet.
  • “Sinkhole” Bimmah. This hole between the sea and the mountains is absolutely amazing. It is about 120 meters in diameter and 30 meters deep. Below you can bathe in clean water and relax. There are some picnic times up there.
  • “Al Arbeieen” Wadi. A beautiful park with deep blue lakes and amazing surroundings. This Wadi is one of the most important. You need to take two to three hours to be very alert. If you need a car outside then you will be paid with a special land. The variations of high mountain walls and multifaceted greenery create a unique atmosphere.
  • Qantab Beach – Must visit. Like everything in Oman, this beach is best done by renting your own car. For that is what is pleasant and beautiful. A beautiful beach with glass warm water.
  • Al Sifah Beach – Sifah Beach is located about 45 minutes from the city of Muscat and can be photographed on a beautiful trail that runs through the mountains and partly along the beach.

4. Hale Opera Alii

The Royal Opera House is amazing from the inside out. The opera house is more airy in the evening when the right light is on. Stars from the worlds of opera, ballet, folklore, dance troupes, and musicians come on tour.

5. Oman Avenues Mall

Oman Avenues Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Oman which opened in Muscat in May 2015. Located on Sultan Qaboos Street, it is a shopping mall of the famous LuLu Group International of Abu Dhabi and soon established itself. he was one of the most famous. interesting shops and new shops in this area.

Where to stay in Muscat, Oman

Hotel Al Falah’s design has been easy for me as a travel blogger. It is located on the hill of the city and close to the most famous tourist attractions. I really enjoyed staying in one of the best business hotels in Oman before embarking on our tour of the country!

Stay at Al Falaj Hotel

Many thanks to Mr. Praveen for welcoming us to the hotel! We felt at home when we arrived at the hotel!

There are a variety of room types to choose from at Al Falaj Hotel; Deluxe Rooms, Custom Rooms, Suites, and Standard Rooms. All rooms are spacious and offer a nice atmosphere! We forgot our first nights in Oman for Hotel Al Falah!

Restaurants at Al Falaj Hotel

Middle Eastern Cuisine and other Asian dishes are the main gifts of the restaurants in Al Falaj!

Al Falaj restaurant

Al Falaj restaurant is the only restaurant in Oman that celebrates famous Soups and Omani traditions (You have to try them!) In fact, it can be eaten outside of soups, steak, lobster, kebabs, and other dishes around the world. here. My heart is so happy!

Tokyo Taro Restaurant

From the name itself, the food you expect here is from Japan! We all know that Japanese food is loved by people all over the world (including me! Haha!) From Sushi and Sashimi to Tepanyaki and Tempura, you’ll find it here!

The Stassen Tea Lounge

Al Falaj Hotel is your place to stay in Muscat, Oman

A living room offers peace and tranquility of mind. Drink your delicious tea while relaxing in the hotel’s living room from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tea lovers love their time here!

Full information at Al Falaj Hotel

After our stay at the hotel, we left happy and satisfied with everything we had seen. We really enjoyed all the trips we did in Oman and Al Falaj helped us relax and enjoy the Omani hospitality. I will never forget how people treated us with friendly and funny faces. After my quest to visit all over the world, Oman is one of the countries I return to and Al Falaj is the hotel I want to be my home again!

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