Air travel: practical considerations

The Blue Origin NS-19 will be on the side of the New Shepard rocket after their official launch on December 11, 2021

The Blue Origin NS-19 will be on the side of the New Shepard rocket after their official launch on December 11, 2021.

For many who despise it, there is a lot of touring just for the fun of the world’s richest people who are exacerbating the world’s problems.

But the birthplace is supportive, while not denying outside criticism, arguing that the industry can bring about human rights.

Further research opportunities

The first argument is that private aircraft, in conjunction with their customer, can send out wide -ranging scientific experiments that require microgravity environments.

In the past, “it took a long time to work in the government grant streams, get permission, get the money, be chosen among the chosen ones who could go,” said Ariel Ekblaw, of the MIT Space. The Exploration Initiative told AFP.

In isolation, Ekblaw took six months from signing an agreement to send his research project to the International Space Station aboard the personal Ax-1 mission, which was released on Friday. appreciate the personal services that pay for the trip.

His experiment, called TESSERAE, was about intelligent tiles that created a floating robotic system that could assemble itself into space design – which is probably how the planes were built. air server.

A first prototype was flown into the air for a few minutes aboard a Blue Origin suborbital spacecraft, paving the way for further testing.

“Increasing the number of these advertising tools will allow us to create projects that are more complex, faster and more efficient,” Ekblaw said.

Virgin Galactic, for its part, has announced plans to take scientists to future aircraft.

Space technology is better

Aerospace tourism, as well as the entire aerospace industry, is a new driver for improvement in the performance of all things aerial.

Government agencies, working with taxpayers ’money, move with caution and are not immune to crashes – even though companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX don’t plan on firing prototype rockets. and when they get there, it’s fast in developmental circles.

Where NASA is focused on major research goals, private companies seek to improve the number, revenue and sustainability of emissions, with ships that can be reused – in the case of Blue Origin , rockets that only emit water vapor.

Nowadays, flying is a demanding and expensive task.

“The more we go in the air, the better we’re in the air, the more of an industry that supports aerospace technology,” said Mason Peck, an aeronautics consultant. at Cornell University who first served as NASA’s chief technology officer.

It can be seen as in the early days of the airplane, when flight was restricted to a few people.

“We started with a lot of accidents, and different companies with different ideas about how to make the planes,” explained George Nield, former director of operations for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). office of the airline.

“But slowly, we learned what to do, what not to do.” Today, commercial air travel is the safest form of transportation.

But what makes a safer flight?

According to experts, it is now difficult to imagine the impact of the future on transportation.

“Over the next 10 years, I know we’re going to see companies that have systems that allow people to leave somewhere on Earth, and go to that other side of the Earth, to one hour., ”said Nield, on BlueOrigin’s last flight.

Those trips were to every destination, but the airline was speeding up its arrival, he added.

Need a community?

The final controversy is, paradoxically, about climate.

Many people who have looked at Earth from the outside have expressed the feeling that it is being moved by the softness of the Earth, and are filled with a desire to protect it.

Scholar Frank White called this event the “overview event”.

“It gives you a quick idea of ​​the need to be a part of the outcome,” said Jane Poynter, founder of Space Perspective.

His team plans to start flying tourists on a high -altitude balloon to observe the curvature of the Earth from a capsule with panoramic views.

The ship was developed precisely for minimal environmental impact, unlike some highly polluting rocks.

The overall contribution to climate change from rockets is currently small, but could become a problem if the number of movements increases.

More work in the air could help the world be in more stable, less stressful ways, say industry advocates.

“Because of the advancement of space technology, terrestrial solar cells have become more efficient over the years,” Peck said.

FAA: No commercial astronaut wing, too much release

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