Air New Zealand introduces ‘Skynest’ beds for business travelers

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(CNN) – For the first time ever, passenger car passengers will have the option to relax for sleep on real mattresses during their flights.

Air New Zealand has announced its “Skynest” concept, featuring six full sleepers, which is one of the gifts included in its new Boeing 787 Dreamliners, due to enter service in 2024 .

Each box is located in the bedroom between the Premium Economy and Economy cabins and has a full pillow case, mattresses, earphones, a reading light, a USB port and a window. The boxes were arranged like beds, with two rows in each of the three beds.

An Air New Zealand media correspondent told CNN Travel via email that the airline was still working on the exact details of how the pods would be booked but gave some information on how it would be. .

“Currently, each car will be limited to a four -hour session in one pod, with the additional cost of their Economy class seats,” the official said. “The airline has done some thorough research on sleep cycles. A typical sleep cycle is about 90 minutes, so the four -hour period gives time for customers to wind down. go to sleep and wake up. ”

Mattresses will be changed between each season.

Air New Zealand is considered one of the longest -running airlines in the world, the beds will provide a relaxing stay for travelers who can’t sleep or stay.

In September 2022, Air New Zealand will begin non -stop flights between Auckland and New York’s JFK Airport. Flight time? 17 hours – making them the world’s longest running planes.

“New Zealand’s location puts us in an independent position to lead ultra-long-haul travel experience,” Air New Zealand CEO Greg Foran said in a statement.

“We focus on sleep, comfort and well -being because we know how important it is for our customer to arrive safely.”

‘Business Premier Luxe’ suites get new gifts

Air New Zealand’s new cars will also be on display  "Large Business Luxe" suites, offering added privacy.

Air New Zealand’s new cars will also feature “Business Premier Luxe” suites, offering a personal touch.

Air New Zealand

It’s easy to create new lifestyle ideas. Taking them to the air is a long and difficult process that involves mountains of trials and government permits.

CNN Travel first reported on the Skynest concept in early 2020, when the airline filed for patents and signatures after three years of research, development and testing. About an import from 200 customers at a hangar in Auckland.

As mentioned above, it will be another two years before Skynest is available to book.

With about eight Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, to be delivered to the aircraft from 2024, Air New Zealand is now restoring its 787-9 fleet.

The planes will have eight to four Business Premier Luxe seats, 42 or 22 Premier seats, 52 or 33 Premium Economy seats and 125 or 213 Economy seats.

The aircraft used on ultra-long-haul routes will be equipped with six Skynest sleep pods.

“Research tells us that the first night away from home is the hardest part to get a good night’s sleep so everything we do on board helps to establish in a sense of calm – from light and comfortable sleep with sleeping pills and balms, to healthy food. options and breathable clothes, “said General Manager and Sales Manager Leanne Geraghty in a word.

“The onscreen entertainment platform, Zentertainment, will also help customers relax and prepare for the holiday.”

It’s not just the wealthy car owners who are making an increase. The new rooms will also feature “Business Premier Luxe” suites, which offer privacy.

These will feature all the amenities of the plane’s Business Premier class, but with a full locker and space for two people to dine together.

Top image: Air New Zealand’s Skynest beds will be available in 2024. Available: Air New Zealand

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