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The goal of carbon neutrality is an integrated and complex problem that has a profound impact on climate, ecology, energy, the environment, and society. This is because of the interplay of many systems, such as the land, air, ocean, and cryosphere. Among these systems, the climate is one of the most important.

The climate is affected by human -contributed carbon emissions and nature, and in return, is also associated with carbon emissions from human activities and nature. Currently, the impact of the carbon neutrality policy is unclear, but in order to achieve carbon neutrality with low socioeconomic costs, it is important to consider the impact of the climate and develop a carbon emission pathway. necessary to know the best energy planning, industry. , ecosystems, and other fields.

To solve this problem, the journal Teacher Research invited Prof. The Huang Gang team from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as experts at Hohai University, share their views on climate research and carbon neutrality. The article said that it is very important to know the dynamics about the nature of carbon neutrality.

According to the article, during the rise of CO2 think, CO2 Radiative is the main force of the solar system. Because of the low temperature, the earth heats up faster and the CO2 radiative stimulation; the response of the ocean is slow because of the high temperature.

The temperature difference between land and ocean increases, which increases the frequency of the monsoon. After the acquisition of carbon neutrality, CO2 Radiative displacement is reduced or reduced, while the ocean slowly retains heat and temperature. The temperature difference between land and ocean is decreasing, weakening the movement of the monsoon; if you CO2 much less attention would be given to the deep ocean releasing heat to destroy the comfort of the earth’s surface.

Prof. Huang concluded, “Neutrality is not only a technological problem, but also a scientific problem.

Researchers describe the response of rainfall over the Pacific Ocean under a ‘carbon neutrality’ scenario.

More information:
Gang Huang et al, Critical issues in the environment related to carbon emissions, Teacher Research (2022). DOI: 10.1016 / j.fmre.2022.02.011

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