Agriculture plays an important role in climate change

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In tackling the Earth’s air crisis, agriculture and forestry are some of the most difficult areas to change, however, new evidence shows that these areas can play an important role in reducing emissions. Production of global warming gases.

The latest report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, released earlier this week, brings together new insights into climate change and explains possible consequences. Brent Sohngen, professor of environmental sciences and economics at The Ohio State University, is the co -author of the section of the report on agriculture, which is recorded on about 130 pages of 3,000 page pages.

The Sohngen section discusses how agriculture, forestry and related land uses can help change climate change and reduce climate change, or reduce emissions. of green gas in the air.

“The important message is that there is a lot of work in agricultural land use areas that people around the world can do to reduce climate change,” said Sohngen, who worked with the IPCC since the late 1990s.

While most of the green gas emissions come from renewable energy, agriculture and land use changes account for 22% of carbon dioxide. If these numbers could be reduced, by preventing deforestation or the search for other biofuels, between 9 and 11 billion tons of carbon per year could be reduced. , said Sohngen.

The report also points out that if governments and individuals do not start paying more attention to climate warnings, global warming could quickly become twice as catastrophic as it is today. While many nations have previously vowed to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, it will actually change, not political promises, to ensure the extinction of humanity in its final stages, he said. show.

To publish the report, researchers from more than 165 countries reviewed over 18,000 scientific papers on topics ranging from reconstruction to the use of fossil fuels in fossil fuels. Advice on publicity.

The show also revealed some good news.

Ice house emissions were the highest between 2010 and 2019, but since then, the numbers have slowed significantly. Due to disease, CO2 The release also fell over time in 2020, before returning to the top in the second half of the year.

Better yet, according to the show, the major technologies and policies needed to keep global warming from rising to new heights. For example, solar power and wind are some of the best ways to combat climate change.

“Right now, there are more and more options and other ways for people to get involved in reducing climate change in the form of affordable prices,” Sohngen said. “Part of the reason people are so excited about this report is because we’ve really made progress in reducing emissions through mitigation measures.”

The only problem is figuring out how to best implement them, Sohngen said. One of the biggest problems a person has to deal with is waste money.

“Science shows that if we want to stay below the 1.5 -degree target, we need to increase funding,” Sohngen said. “We estimate about $ 50 to $ 250 billion annually over the next ten years will be needed to achieve some of the goals in the land use mitigation sector.”

It is in this association, between land use and people, that the report reveals a “strong link between sustainable development, vulnerability and climate problems.”

In other words, increasing efforts to promote sustainable development, and to eradicate extreme poverty, can be a key factor in maintaining and monitoring the overall health of the Earth. .

Sohngen said he was concerned about the public’s response to the report.

“There may be some ways about changing the climate that we don’t think about right now and hopefully, the next generation of scientists will think about it in the future,” Sohngen said. “I think this report is an opportunity for people to learn and develop new approaches, and better outcomes to the climate crisis.”

There are many low -cost and cost -effective ways to stop global warming

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