A380 superjumbo to test the open test engine

(CNN) – Take a closer look at the plane on this story. See anything different about any of his machines?

This Airbus A380, the world’s largest aircraft carrier, has been picked up as a testament to a new high -performance engine design that can help reduce carbon emissions by up to 20 percent. %.

The event was unveiled on Tuesday by Airbus and CFM International at the Farnborough Air Show outside London, an annual trade show showcasing the latest in aerospace technology.

It’s the latest to be tested on the A380 “superjumbo,” which was assembled years ago. Production on the much -loved 2021 aircraft was halted due to a lack of demand. Airplanes are now set up by airplanes in times of illness, just to enjoy waking up again due to the demand for travel.

CFM, which owns parent companies GE and Safran Aircraft Engines, is developing advanced propulsion technologies in the form of its Revolutionary Innovation for Sustainable Engine (RISE) demonstration program.

Now, the goal is to mature and strengthen each with a flight test on this A380, which will be taken to the air in the latter half of this decade from the Airbus airport in Toulouse, France.

Prior to operation, CFM will perform engineering tests and flight certification at GE Aviation’s Flight Test Operations center in Victorville, California.

The goals of the flight test program are to better understand the engine/wing combination and aerodynamic performance, to demonstrate how well the fuel can reduce CO2 emissions by one -fifth compared. Equipped with today’s state -of -the -art engines, and ensures compliance with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF).

“New propulsion technologies will play an important role in achieving net-zero aviation goals, as well as new aircraft designs and sustainable energy sources,” Sabine Klauke, Airbus Chief Technical Officer, said in a statement.

The CFM RISE Program is about strengthening the technology envelope, redefining the scope of the capability, and helping to achieve long -term growth for our industry, ”he said. Gaël Méheust, President and CEO of CFM International.

Earlier this year, Airbus announced to test a hydrogen test engine on an A380 – a partnership with CFM International – with plans to build a zero -emission aircraft by 2035.

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