A new vigorous tree was built to predict the soil

A new vigorous tree was built to predict the soil

Detailed description of the FORCCHN2 model. Found: Fang Jing

Understanding the mechanics of the dynamics and interaction of nitrogen (N) cycles in forests has become important with the rise of anthropogenic perturbations.

Training from local experiments to large spatial scales or future environmental models of N is highly dependent on the use of ecological models. However, the use of static and dynamic models is limited because there is no accurate definition of plant and microbe growth.

Recently, a research team from the Wuhan orchard of the Chinese Academy of Science has developed a powerful plant model, FORCCHN2 version 2.0 (FORCCHN2), based on several soil-microbe-microbe processing processes. The model was tested in a tropical rain forest (Harvard Forest) in central Massachusetts, US.

The results showed that FORCCHN2 was able to regenerate the physical changes of soil moisture and the amount of N mineralization. Inorganic soil N was replaced with healthy roots, microbes, and migration of on the substrate.

The N water content of the soil varies throughout the year. In the spring, the inorganic N spring water is diverted around the original property due to the low amount of N mineralization and the low N nutrient content. In the summer, the N spring is increased. inorganic soils because they have a higher amount of N mineralization than N uptake and N losses. Then, the N mineralization of the soil gradually decreases in the fall and winter.

This is a new step in the development of the mechanistic modeling of terrestrial N cycling based on the dynamics of plant biomass, soil substrate, and microbes.

This work was published on Biogeochemistry.

Carbon and nitrogen mineralization after the initial melting of CO2

More information:
Jing Fang et al, Predicting mineralized soil nitrogen dynamics with healthy root growth and microbial processes in tropical forests, Biogeochemistry (2022). DOI: 10.1007 / s10533-021-00883-8

Presented by the Chinese Academy of Science

Directions: A new plant model developed for forecasting mineralized nitrogen soils (2022, April 12) retrieved 13 April 2022 from https://phys.org/news/2022-04- dynamic-vegetation-soil-mineralized-nitrogen.html

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