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Consider this: Your trip to Ladan is only a few days, but you hear about the invasion, and you’re wondering how you’re going to navigate the city tour in an eco -friendly way. -friendly you plan.

Or, you’re heading to New York City for a business trip in the early fall. The subway is good, but on this trip, you’ll want to stay on land and see the city on two wheels.

Maybe you booked a last one minute flight to Lisbon (hooray flight deal!) And while flying to No. Tram 28 is good, symbolit’s integrated – and you want to keep your distance.

All these features have the usual result-micromobility. That is, car and scooter sharing programs are available between these three cities (around the world).

Micromobility programs allow locals and travelers to travel to places of their own accord (note: not at the behest of public transport and better yet, strokes), and at their own discretion. fast.

Below, I dive further into the nature of micromobility, its benefits, some sharing programs like car and scooter, and where to find it.

What is micromobility?


Micromobility refers to light vehicles, such as bicycles, electric cars, and electric scooters, used by a single person. In recent years, micromobility has become popular with the availability of sharing programs like car and scooter.

Sharing programs allow people to rent a car or scooter for a fee, and return the car when their trip is over. Many programs charge a fixed fee, with a (small) hourly fee. Others allow you to rent cars every day or at a monthly discount – the latter is better for those who travel regularly.

Why should I try the car or scooter sharing program on my next trip?

car and scooter sharing

If you have lived or visited a city recently, you have probably seen people riding electric scooters or walking on various bikes. Like I said above, micromobility programs have grown everywhere – and for good reason!

1. They are socially connected

Whether you’re choosing micromobility to get you to work, for fun, to exercise, or to improve your overall mental health, doing so will not only benefit you, but also improve your overall mental health. also the environment. Switching the car to a car, e -bike, or scooter will help promote a sustainable world – one with less emissions and less air purification for everyone.

2. They are relevant

Most car sharing programs offer hundreds of docking stations in the cities where they live. Often, they are able to maintain mobility in places without having to access public transit. In addition, many scooter-share plans are dockless, which means you can leave your rental on your next trip without having to find a parking spot.

If you rent a scooter, think about where you will leave it after you use it. While there isn’t a dock for everyone, some cities choose scooter parking to prevent them from being parked in public (and in public places).

Also remember to follow all over internal guidance and safety, including wearing a helmet when you ride and taking care of all vehicle repairs, e.g., where cars and scooters are inaccessible and inaccessible.

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3. They are pricey

As mentioned above, most car and scooter rental programs charge a fixed fee, with a (small) hourly fee. For example, the fee for Washington DC’s Capital Bikeshare bike program starts at $ 1.00 for car departure, then $ 0.05 / minute for car or $ 0.15 / minute for e -paika. The daily fee is $ 8.

The Santander Cycle bus ride in London is £ 2 for unlimited trips of up to 30 minutes in a 24-hour period. For trips longer than 30 minutes, cars charge £ 2 for every 30 minutes.

Do you want to compare prices before you start a trip? You can query other routes, such as bus or train, in the TripIt’s Navigator feature. Navigator will show you the estimated costs and travel times for each option, so you can decide which one works best. You can find Navigator in the specific screens of your design.

Tip: Always download a car or scooter-share app for ease of payment, manage your ride, save your travel time (s) and keep track of balance.

What are some similar car and scooter sharing programs?


Now that I’ve covered the benefits of sharing a car and scooter, let’s get acquainted with some of the programs available.


Lime offers e-bike and e-scooter rentals in more than 200 cities around the world. The largest electric micromobility platform in the world, Lime’s four core principles support safety, sustainability, community, and innovation.

As part of its mission to support communities and move for all, Lime also offers a research service program, called Lime Able, that provides “vehicles. [that] specially designed to achieve a wide range of capabilities. “These converted cars are available to Lime riders at no cost in select cities.

Now part of Lime, JUMP is an electronic sharing program offered through Uber. At the time of publication, JUMP’s red e-bikes were always available to rent directly on the Uber app. That means if there’s one in your area, you’ll see it as an option in the app. (Or, you might see a Lime car.)

Start by downloading the Lime app (or Uber), then follow the instructions to start your journey.


Bird offers e-bikes and e-scooters in over 350 locations in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

As you can see, Bird’s Bird Three scooter is “designed for the circular industry.” According to their website, the scooter “eco-conscious design and construction increases life, reduces waste and increases second life and renewal times.”

Just download the Bird app to search or save your flight. You can park your bike or scooter up to 30 minutes before your trip.


TIER in Berlin offers micromobility options in many cities in Europe and the Middle East. In addition to e-bikes and e-scooters, TIER also offers e-mopeds.

As with most sharing programs, you’ll want to download the app and follow the steps before you begin.

Tip: Remember to send your confirmation email to [email protected] so you know where you took your car or scooter (if you plan to return it to the same cemetery), and view nearby locations in TripIt’s Map View.

What are the areas that micromobility programs offer?

car and scooter sharing program

Planning a trip and want to see what’s available in the way of micromobility? Here is an A to Z guide (but not a specific one) to cities using the micromobility program.

Amsterdam> In the world’s bus-free capital, check out Hello-Bike, Urbee, and Cargoroo car sharing programs. There are several car rental shops to choose from.

Boston> Bluebikes, Boston’s private company with Massachusetts ’Blue Cross Blue Shield, is a fun and fun way to explore the city.

Chicago> Divvy Bikes, Lyft’s Chicago bike sharing program, offers one -off bikes, day trips, and an annual membership for residents.

O Detroit> MoGo, Detroit’s public transportation system, provides more than 600 vehicles and 75 stations throughout Detroit.

i willindhoven> The Hopper and TIER Bike-share program is available in this Dutch city.

FRankfurt> nextbike is a car -sharing program in Europe, and all cars are made in Germany. One of its advantages was the ability to rent up to four cars in one storage; the rides were easy! Lime and TIER are available in Frankfurt.

Mr. Gothenburg> Styr & Ställ, Gothenburg’s bike -sharing program powered by nextbike, has over 130 locations around the city. Bird and TIER are located in Gothenburg.

Heidelberg> VRNnextbike, Bird, and TIER are available in Heidelberg.

Indianapolis> Pacers Bikeshare bikes and adaptive trikes, and Lime and Bird, are located in Indy.

Jersey City> Citi Bike, powered by Lyft, available in Jersey City and Hoboken, New Jersey, and across NYC.

Kansas City> Explore with RideKC Bike pedal bikes and electric bikes. The bird is found in KC.

London> Santander Cycles has 800 docking stations and 12,000 car cranes, and is available 24/7/365.
Manhattan> Citi Bike, operated by Lyft, is NYC’s largest bike rental company. Riders can access bikes on the Lyft or Citi Bike apps. A single run to the app starts at $ 3.99 / trip. Lime is found in New York.
New Orleans> After a single subscription fee of $ 1.00, Blue Bikes Nola sells for $ .15 per minute. Download the Blue Bikes app to register, search and maintain a bike, and more.

Oslo> Oslo City Bike is the city’s best bike sharing program, and offers one ride, day, month, and season. Bird and TIER are available in Oslo.

Paris> Vélib ‘Metropole shares more than 20,000 vehicles (40% of them) and more than 1,400 docking stations. Lime and TIER are available in Paris.

Queens> Citi cars are available in five districts of New York (including Queens).

Rome> Helbiz, Cooltra, Zigzag, Lime, Bird, and TIER offer micromobility options in this Italian city.

SFrancisco> Bay Wheels, provided by Lyft, is SF’s largest bike and e-bike sharing platform. Rides start at $ 3.49 per ride. Lime and Bird are available in town.

T saidel Aviv> Tel-O-Fun is the Tel Aviv car rental program. Electric bikes and pedal cars are available for rent. Bird and TIER can be found here.

Ulm> The German city, probably known for its car -sharing program, offers car and scooter sharing through Bird and TIER.

Vienna> Lime, Bird, and TIER are in Vienna.

W saidashington, DC> There are Bikeshare Capital centers around the DMV-that is, the states of DC, Maryland, and Virginia-with more than 600 centers and 5,000 cars and e-bikes. Lime and Bird is available in DC

Xanthi> Rent a car in the Greek city of Xanthi through GrCycling.

York> TIER is located in the British city of York.

ZUrich> Lime, Bird, and TIER are in Zurich.

DYK? TripIt’s City Break guides have tips for getting around your trip, including recreational activities such as public transportation and bike and scooter sharing programs.

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