A guide to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Calle de Portugal – the city’s most memorable street – where you’ll find most of the wine cellars, as well as the Basilica of the Holy Sacrament, one of the oldest churches in Uruguay. Here’s everything: a detailed picture of another world, with the progress of the genre showing that a long time has passed. The city is tough, but if you’re wandering around the golf carts, you’ll know it doesn’t have to be more than this: good restaurants, small shops selling handicrafts. , and ornaments all around. each corner.

Take a closer look at Portón de Campo (city gate) and Portón de Campo before returning to the beach to admire the milky waters of Rio de la Plata that spread through the sky. You’re back on the ferry, the belly and the photo booth full, a new stamp on the passport, thank you to Colonia del Sacramento for the character: the best day trip ever.

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