A French court has approved a ban on ‘burkinis’ in Grenoble swimming pools

Following protests by local Muslim women, the city passed a resolution in May 2021 allowing swimmers in public lakes in Grenoble to use bathing suits.

But later that month, the city court ruled in favor – a decision upheld on Tuesday by France’s highest court.

In its decision, the French state council called for the principles of religious neutrality, with the intention of allowing the “burkini” to reduce “the co -operation of users, so the inefficiency of the public service will be affected. “

“Contrary to the claimed goal of the city of Grenoble,” the city’s initial decision to allow the “burkini” was intended to “only fulfill a religious requirement,” he said. the court.

It was also said that Grenoble’s decision to allow some swimmers was against “rules and safety.”

Religious neutrality was introduced into the new French political system, augmented last year by a so -called “separatism law,” passed by the government of Emmanuel Macron.

The law, backed by right -wing Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, outright prohibits practices “intentionally giving in to sectarian demands with religious motives.”

French Muslim women wear burkinis in the pool as a protest

Muslim women in France often find it difficult to access public services due to strict restrictions on religious expression – one reason such restrictions have been condemned by prominent supporters, including the Human Rights Commission. of the United Nations.

The French government in 2004 banned “high -profile” religious displays involving Muslim heads, Jewish skullcaps and large Christian crosses from French schools. Full -length masks, called niqabs, were banned in all French public squares and in parks, streets and public buildings.

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