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For historian Lee Abbamonte, choosing where to go next is not about the journey, but about deciding how to get there, who to invite, when of the year, and weights of the same kind: he must convert the numbers and the miles. , or money? Does he want to rent a car, or rely on cars?

These things were important when you first visited any part of the world – and you were the youngest American to do so.

Of course, there are many other things to consider when going through a period of illness. “Before COVID-19, I would travel around the world to 30 or more countries each year,” Lee said. “Because of the uncertainty about travel limits, I’ve taken three world tours in the last two years. But now, I’ve traveled a lot home – and thought about the next one on my list.

So what are those bucket-list places at the top of his list? “Tripoli, Libya; and Socotra, an island off the coast of Yemen.

Lee is no stranger to leaving a paved path when he walks – even if he gets to his destination it will require many trials.

“My favorite place I visited was the South Pole. It was very independent, very difficult to get to, and very few people did it, “he said.” My first trip fell in 2013; the conditions were not right for us to finish the trip. “

But Lee looked at the gift, and the next year he was able to finish his journey.

Stats on stats on stats

While not every trip can be remembered as a visit to the South Pole, when you visit every country, the U.S. state, the national park, the baseball field – and the North Pole , so – you want to take care of everywhere you go.

So how does Lee stay on top of his journey in the past and in the future? “TripIt, of course! I’m a stats nerd, so I love TripIt’s Travel Stats feature, ”he says.

Lee also uses TripIt to keep his travel records and testimonials in one place.

“I use TripIt – religion – to build tours for all my trips. From tea times to managing restaurants and trips, I rely on the app to keep me organized. “Besides, it’s just fun to look at; to see what I have planned and where I have gone.”

Tips for Sleeping Travel

Using TripIt to stay organized, Lee shared some tips for travelers.

First, where to go: “Africa, in general, but the land of Namibia, in particular. It’s a beautiful country with wide open spaces, beautiful beaches, and simple cities. It’s a place down below. the radar I can’t say much, ”he said.

For advice on how to get there (or somewhere)? “It goes back to weighing those different things. Think about what makes your travel money better – do you want to book with money, or numbers and miles? Do you want to spend the money to rent a car for a week, or you can get around in public transportation or a car? ”

Lee also mentioned the comparison purchase, which means you don’t have to book the first flight or hotel choice you see. “Buying your tours and accommodations can save you hundreds of dollars,” he says. “And when you decide to fly, use TripIt Pro’s Fare Tracker’s feature to see if the price of your flight drops after you land.”

Lee also enjoys sharing the same business as he travels.

“The sharing industry has changed the way we travel,” he said. “Whether it’s a vacation rental, like Airbnb, or similar shared plans – these options give you an easier time saving money, making the trip easier and more affordable.”

His last piece of advice? “On the trip, there was nothing else to do,” he said.

In fact, Lee is an inspiration to all of us to go after our travel dreams, to persevere when a project doesn’t work out in the first place, and to reflect on where we’ve gone – if only perhaps with the help of travel statistics. , print, or something else.

Do you want to continue Lee’s upcoming tours? Follow her on Instagram and Twitter see where he goes (note: there are palm trees on the side!).

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