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For Lauren Richardson, travel novelist at Lauren’s Suitcase, travel is about reflection. This means thinking about his journey, where he is going, and how he will manage his travel money.

“As a graduate student, I had to change my small budget as I wanted to travel,” Lauren told me. “I’m always looking for ways to keep my travels safe – from just carrying my backpack and not choosing a seat before booking (no extra charge!) As much as possible as soon as possible.

Enter: COVID-19, and Lauren has reworked the design with tour planning.

“I’ve planned a lot of road trips,” he said. “About six months into the illness, my husband and I converted a Subaru into a car park and spent two weeks traveling between the states of Rocky Mountain (US).

Without these problems, Lauren probably wouldn’t have visited her favorite trip under the radar to this day: New Mexico.

“New Mexico has something for everyone! The food, the culture, the camping, the parks, the hot air balloon party… to me, it’s one of the most overlooked places in the US If not for the illness changed my travel plans, I probably didn’t make that trip… I’m glad I had the time to visit. ”

Travel planning? Sing to his ears

On the road or in the air, Lauren likes to manage her travel trips with TripIt.

“I wasn’t set up and I saw TripIt,” he said. “It helps to have everyone in one place. When I returned to Europe a few years ago, I recorded many types of travel: car, train, plane – you name it. TripIt helped me take care of everything. ”

“I use TripIt when I’m not going,” he said. “I’m a huge live musician, so I’m sending all my tickets for upcoming concerts to the app – that’s where I’ll see the shows I’ve recorded, locations and they play, and so on. ”

Living peacefully while away – and learning from the locals

Another TripIt feature Lauren relies on is the ability to share her travel plans – a habit she finds when traveling alone.

“I’m so thankful for the solo trips I’ve taken. I’ve finished the tours and got a tour partner, but I’ve got this moment ah-ha, like, why am I waiting somewhere?” But really, I want to be safe when I travel on my own, so being able to share my TripIt trips will give me – and my family – peace of mind. the thought of me just going. ”

Lauren also keeps track of her trip safety score with TripIt’s Neighborhood Safety Scores, so she can plan ahead if she’s visiting an area with a higher risk.

So what is his advice for using a single trip? “Get in touch with the locals! I want to go somewhere and pretend to be living there. So I always make sure to get to know the locals, and ask about what they want to do. ”

“I choose to stay in guest houses for private travelers because they are a family meal and host walking tours that make it easier to meet people,” he said.

Did you see Recent research from TripIt has shown that a third (33%) of Americans planning a private trip say their trip is a registered trip.

Any other tips for travel companions – one or more? “Always write down your first trips,” he says. “And it’s easy. Prices can change over a day or two, so getting a good flight on a different departure day may open up room in your money for a flight you’ve planned.

Want to learn more about Lauren’s tips for traveling on a budget? Check out her Instagram and blog for more ideas, and see where she’s going (and her backpack).

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