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Each trip has their own preferences when it comes to going on a trip. Some want to go to a party; some want their own company – and the freedom to go as they please. But when it comes to going as a man, Joy and Hugh Zei – BUT, Afrostylicity – have a fair deal to do for them.

Whether it’s debating their ever -growing list of buckets or ideas for their Instagram, this Dallas, Texas -based duo works together to create insights – and memories – on every trip they take.

Partners in life, business, and travel

Before meeting her husband Hugh, Joy went on solo trips. He knew he enjoyed that kind of trip on, say, group trips.

“Sometimes a road trip can be frustrating because people want to sleep in, and don’t use the short time you have on a trip,” Joy said. “There are a lot of competitors involved in solo travel, so I knew I wanted the independence of solo travel.”

But now Joy wants to go with Hugh more than any other way.

“We have the same kind of journey – we want to plan ahead; get up early in the morning; to increase awareness, ”he said.

“We’re going, we’re doing as much dope as possible,” Hugh said. “We’re planning ahead, but we’re working on what we know – and that’s what’s so exciting.”

If you haven’t guessed, Joy and Hugh are tour operators and publishers. Their goal is to find hidden gems along their journey so they can re -tell their fans and followers about the best things to do on the visit. somewhere. They cover everything from deals on flights, hotels, and deals to reviews of the places they visit.

Their main reason for planning a trip? “The planes will lead the way. Find a great flight first – the others will come later. ”

Plan, prepare, create knowledge, create innovation

Airplanes – watch! Now, how?

“We use TripIt to keep us going at every step of the way. It eliminates a lot of planning for a trip,” Joy said. “We have the power of a daily schedule. We use it to create travel itineraries and keep track of the places we want to write about on our blog.”

“TripIt puts an end to stress. Our power is a day -to -day planning.”

As they go, Joy and Hugh rely on flight attendants and TripIt’s gateway switch to stay on top of the changes.

“On our trip, we used TripIt to plan our days. We can easily see what’s recorded and sent to the app, and then we fill in the blanks from there, ”says Hugh.

After their tour, the duo also used TripIt to rethink where they traveled and what they did so they could easily share their knowledge for their followers.

The islands are calling…

From the voices of it all, Joy and Hugh are experts at maximizing their time while traveling. So what do they say everyone should visit?

“Kauai, Hawaii,” said Joy. “It’s an unexpected beauty. It’s a very different vibe.

Hugh agreed. “It’s a place we can visit often, and always discover something new every now and then. For those who want to visit Kauai, we encourage you to just go there and be vigilant. There are activities for every person. ”

Planning their return trip to Kauai, what else is on Joy and Hugh’s radar? Bora Bora, Bali, Ghana, Maldives, Nigeria, Paris, and the Turks and Caicos – for starters.

The future for this travel lover: “We’re going to San Antonio, Texas! And after that, we allow our research to be about other people, countries, and cultures to guide us, “they said.

Do you want to continue Afrostylicity, check out their travel tips, and learn about the secrets they discover along the way? Follow them on Instagram and their blog for their journeys near, far – and stay together.

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Amanda Wowk is a freelance writer, founder Amanda Wowk Creative – a freelance writing services company – and a tour guide. She has experience in the travel industry, supporting clients with travel technology, quality travel, and customers. While not helping customers tell their stories, Amanda writes about her own experiences to encourage others to travel as far, wide and often as possible. .

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