A backpacker’s guide to Vietnam (you won’t find on Lonely Planet)

Another piece of advice for my backpacker guide in Vietnam: don’t just eat locals. As well, there are some amazing restaurants in Hanoi from India to Italy just google it and take a look. Then there’s the Beer Street (see us again about beer) doing what is said on the box. You can add a pint for around $ 0.40…. serious. Take $ 10 with you and I guarantee you will have a great time. This is where you meet locals, backpackers, flashpackers, expats and everything in between. On Fridays and Saturdays, the street is live with live music as well! I’ve touched on this, but it’s a good sell (and not everything is fake). North American clothes are made in Vietnam, which means you can get piles of it there a little more. Expect to pay around $ 20-30 for a Puffa North Face dress. Happy birthday! From wine shops to street clothing stores in Hanoi, take care of your clothes.

When you are ready to leave Hanoi and if you have the time to go to the mountains of Sapa, you can make some bad families live here and you really feel that you are separate from everything. Then, of course, to the north is Ha Long Bay. You can take a day trip here with the rest of the tourists, or you can do the Contiki style, and take a 2-day cruise on a Chinese-Style cruise ship, relax at sunrise and party with your Contiki team.

Either way, Vietnam is re -open for the business baby, and with this backpacker guide to Vietnam, I think you’re ready to take the plunge.

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