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If you run, you are a runner. Speed ​​and distance do not matter. It doesn’t matter if this is your first day or if you have been sailing for twenty years. No attempts to pass, no licenses to be obtained, no membership cards to be obtained. You just run. – John Bingham

If you have decided to do some kind of physical activity this year, why not consider running? It offers many health benefits, improves your health, and has a positive effect on your mental health. There are many benefits to sailing, so let’s talk about one that will tempt you to move.

Increase the speed of your life

A 2018 meta-analysis of studies on the relationship between running and length found that runners have between 25 and 30 percent lower mortality than runners zero. Another study found that runners had a life expectancy of three years. This is mainly because of the benefits that come with traveling, including:

  • low cholesterol
  • little fat
  • The stronger the bones
  • Better hormone regulation

Running helps you sleep better

Sleep is very common these days among the young and the old. This is due to health problems, excessive use of electronic devices, and excessive stress. Of course, sleeping pills can give an effect, but only briefly, and they can have side effects. You can do the running forever changes, because it helps you fall asleep faster and improves your sleep quality.

It’s easy to navigate and gives you control

Now, we’re not saying the ride is easy. What we are trying to say is that it is not necessary to travel with precision equipment or to learn. Also, you don’t have to keep track of someone else’s schedule before you can join yourself.

The problem with sailing is that you may want to let it out in the winter, especially if you are exposed to the cold and you are not dressed properly. That includes the benefits of having your own hair. You can work indoors if you don’t want to go out or stay indoors for any reason (after all, we’ve learned a lot from sick locks).

Running improves your mental health

It is better to run, both physically and mentally. A meta-analysis of the relationship between running and mental health found that physical activity can be a part of weight management and can be similar to medication. with medicines. Of course, this does not mean that you should just rely on running to treat an illness as well. Use it as a good combination medicine.

Running improves cognitive functions

Let’s talk more about the benefits of running for your brain. Due to the increase in heart rate and blood flow, circulation improves brain health and stimulates the release of a protein called a neurotrophic factor found in the brain. This stimulates the growth and maintenance of neurons in the brain. Therefore, running is an effective tool for preventing cognitive deterioration, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

Running is amazing for your defense system

The immune system is important, although at the moment, it is the only one that stands between us and the development of critical symptoms of COVID-19 disease. A 2019 study established a strong link between the immune system and physical activity. Confirmed to run:

  • improves the body’s resistance to disease
  • reduces the risk of influenza and respiratory diseases
  • lowers inflammation
  • improves the antibody response

Running helps you lose weight and stay healthy

If any of your New Year’s thoughts are going to be stressful, then there’s no better way to accomplish them than by running (with proper nutrition).

Running can burn about 100 calories per mile. If you stick to it, as a long-term regimen, you can lose extra pounds without the yo-yo effect that people get when they do a hard-to-lose diet. It takes action and implementation, but the results are necessary.

Walking improves bone health

A study compared about 700 marathon runners with the unemployed and found that runners have a lower risk of arthritis than the U.S. population. Bone health is greatly improved by regular runners. The special benefits of running are reserved for the endurance of the knees, joints, and lower back.

Running lowers the risk of diabetes

One of the reasons for developing diabetes is high blood glucose. This is often the result of excessive stress. Running, as we have said, helps to lower body weight and keep blood glucose levels within healthy limits. A new study confirmed that there is a 72% lower risk of developing diabetes.

Final Words

Before you run away from your problems, you need to run to solve them. These nine reasons are enough to make you think a little more about this kind of physical activity.

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