8 things I should know before I move to Australia on a work leave visa

If you work in law in Australia, you get the minimum wage. If you work on a farm or in a restaurant, you should earn at least $ 18.93 an hour (£ 10.72 or US $ 13.75), compared to other countries.

There’s a definite bonus, for travelers looking for an easy activity. If you are a ‘heavy’ worker, that is. One without fixed, guaranteed working hours, you need a ‘regular attack.’ This adds 25% to your hourly rate, taking your minimum wage to $ 23.66. Not good for ‘old!’

As you can see, in order for vacation visa holders to get their two -year visa, they need to complete some form of agricultural activity. People think this is the way to harvest fruit on a hot day, but there are many other options there, from cooking, cleaning to digging.

You may have heard some horrible stories about the horrible use of Working Holiday Makers by unscrupulous farmers. Corruption and abuse of the law continue, but the government has abolished it in recent years. Check the Visa office website for known Job Lists so you know where you need to work to do everything safely and accurately.

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