6 hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains

Is there anything more fun than exploring the wilderness and beautiful landscapes with beautiful scenery? If you love travel and want to explore the unknown, then my friend, we have a great trip for you to watch out for.

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Tennessee is proud of the Smoky National Park, where travelers quench their thirst for an activity. This area is located on the Tennessee-North Carolina border, combined with wildlife, scenic views, and southern beauty. Although it receives a large number of visitors each year, the park continues to be a national asset. It attracts more than 11 million visitors each year due to its proximity to most of the Southeast. The Grand Canyon comes in second place with about 6 million visitors each year.

There is almost no one to dispute the popularity of Smoky Mountains National Park’s great hiking trails. The park is a popular excursion for those who like to watch fast -moving waterfalls, explore interesting historical attractions, admire amazing sights, and simply relax in the wilderness.

Where to stay

If you plan to visit Smoky Mountain National Park, there are two major cities where you can stay, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Gatlinburg is four miles from Pigeon Forge, but while Gatlinburg is the gateway to National Park, Pigeon Forge is in the heart of the Smoky Mountain Range. Every city can make a good home site for your trip but if you want to live in a mountain city, google ”pigeon forge habitats“Find a suitable office and do the maintenance.

Travel routes to explore

Trekking can be easy and hard. Visitors can go on foot for half a day, a full day, or over several days for a more enjoyable trip. One can rent an entire vacation spot in the Smokies.

But to make it easier for you to choose the best ones, we will tell you about some of the most beautiful and famous ways to park. Let’s look at them indefinitely, shall we?

Mount Cammerer

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Photo by Phil Venditti. – CC BY 2.0

Located near the Cosby Gate of the Big Smoky Mountains, Mount Cammerer is a popular destination. Often done as an outdoor adventure, it should also work as a loop so that you have time to spend the night at the back campground.

As you approach Cosby Entrance Street, you will see a car for pedestrians on the left. You are going down the lower path and in front of Cosby’s camp, you will go to Cosby’s camp. After crossing a stream, the lower slope joins the Lower Mount Cammerer Trail. Follow the Low Gap Trail on the other side to start the loop. Miles later, you’ll find yourself on the Appalachian Trail. After you get to the AT, you take a short spur path to the top of Cammerer Mountain.

Charlie’s Bunion on the Appalachian Road

Charlie’s Bunion offers amazing views on an 8 -mile trek along the Appalachian Trail. Here’s a tour of the Appalachian Road that you might want to take on the way to Maine. In addition to being the longest hiking trail in the world, the Appalachian Trail runs 2,190 miles from Maine to Georgia. Thousands of hikers follow their dreams to complete the AT each year, stopping at Charlie’s Bunion on the way to experience the adventure.

On the Tennessee / North Carolina state line, Newfound Gap is a great starting point for the Bunion ride. At the beginning of the trail is a sign showing 1,940 miles left in Maine. Continue walking on the AT throughout the tour. You have to climb the first two miles slowly. The deeper you go into the forest, the more loneliness you will see. The street is full of wild flowers in the warm months and beautiful scenery all year round.

Clingmans Dome

Smoky Mountains National Park Roads3
Photo by Ed Ogle – CC BY -ND 2.0

There is nothing like the Blue Ridge Mountains in the summer, with their endless scenery, beautiful sunrises, and sunsets that will make you want to come back again. The park’s highest point, Clingmans Dome, is one of its most popular attractions. Walk one mile to the checkpoint. Then explore Clingman’s Dome Nature Trail and join the gnomes on your way back to the trail.

Rocky Top and Thunderhead Mountain

Among the most popular songs in Tennessee are those that read “Rocky Top, my eternal home.” You will be singing the same song when you get to Smoky Mountain. The journey is difficult but offers beautiful views.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park’s Thunderhead Mountain and Rocky Top, a key at the top of the hill, are popular spots at night. Located in the western part of the park, Thunderhead Mountain is 5,527 feet high. It was called Thunderhead because of the unseen weather in the highlands of the Smoky Mountains.

The road to Abrams Falls

Smoky Mountains National Park4
Image by mpnh08 – CC BY -ND 2.0

You can combine an easy waterfall hike with a bike ride on the Cades Cove Loop or a campsite in the Cades Cove Camping Area. The trail to Abrams Falls is no doubt the most famous waterfall on the trail to Cades Cove. There was a bridge over the Abrams Creek bridge at the beginning of the course, and rhododendrons surrounded it at the beginning. Almost the entire trail runs along the side of the river, making it a perfect place to see the river otters, the park’s most beautiful inhabitants. In addition to being a popular fishing destination, it is also a great place to relax by the river.

The way is Chimney Tops

Although short, this climb will make your heart melt and you will be melted. After climbing 1,375 ft for two miles, you will be rewarded with amazing views. Although very short, this is very difficult. So don’t be fooled by the short distance of this trip: this 4 mile round trip is just a walk through the forest. You get about 1,375 feet of elevation on the two miles to the summit, about 960 feet on the last mile. Despite its difficulty, the Chimney Tops trail in Great Smoky Mountain National Park is one of its favorites because of its short length and beautiful 360-degree views.

Final Words

After spending a busy week at work, the Great Smoky Mountains is the perfect place to relax, unwind and fill your soul. All kinds of information will be stored in your memory for the rest of your life, including the environment, the country, the people and the rights. If you are looking for a place to spend quality time with your loved ones, consider visiting the Great Smoky Mountains.

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