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We’ve come a long way since the new vape was introduced in 2003. You now have vaporizers that are more efficient and powerful than ever before, and you can be happy. nicotine inhibition with some of the sweetest of the mouth ever created.

The e-cigarette and vape market has grown exponentially in recent years, to the point that the value of $ 12.4 billion in 2019, with expectations that growth will continue at a combined annual growth rate of 23.8%. Such marketing practices, in general, have drawn a lot of attention and have exposed many misconceptions and misconceptions about vaping.

So, shed some light on the common misconceptions and know what vaping nicotine is all about.

  1. Vaping Nicotine is just as bad as smoking

First, the common misconception is that vaping is as bad as smoking. That leads many people to think that they will continue to smoke, because there is not much change in e-cigarettes.

The truth is, smoking is better, and you have to do everything you can to quit. During the process, when you light a cigarette, thousands of harmful chemicals are released, at least. About 70 of them are diagnosed with cancer.

Of course, vaping isn’t all that bad. After all, inhaling an aerosol comes with its drawbacks. But because vaping is not related to a smoking process, fewer chemicals are released, so it is not the same as smoking.

  1. There are Park Products and Vaporizers

Another misconception is that vaporizers and e-liquids are tobacco products because many consumers advertise them as popular tobacco products. Despite the name “e-cigarettes,” these products have little to do with tobacco.

Most e-liquids are just small: water, carrier water, sweetener, and selective nicotine. Although nicotine is derived from the tobacco plant, there is no similarity between vaporizers and other tobacco products.

Tobacco contains a lot of food and does the thousands of harmful things mentioned above. Solvents and their sub -components do not work the same, either choice Nicotine is the only thing that applies to them in tobacco.

  1. Nicotine E-Liquid has Antifreeze

One experienced vaper heard the saying – “the e -liquid in them is antifreeze!”. That’s not true, not when you buy products from reputable stores with a third -party test.

In fact, there are most e-liquids Propylene Glycol (PG) – it becomes a viscous e -liquid, allowing it to absorb flavor and vapor without fire. PG is used in many foods: soft drinks, popcorn, cake mixes, dry soups, breads, and dairy products, to name a few. It’s one of the main components in antifreeze, where the demand began.

Just because the same antifreeze and e-liquid are used, they are not the same product. Antifreeze contains water, and so does your favorite beverage. That doesn’t mean your favorite drink is antifreeze.

  1. You can’t add Nicotine E-Liquid!

Although tobacco products are not and vapes are not the same as tobacco, most of them contain nicotine, which is an additive to the way you eat. So, yes, you can add nicotine to e-liquids.

However, you can choose your nicotine content when purchasing your e-liquid. Many products can be found between 3mg and 50mg nicotine. And, you can also use nicotine-free vape water that doesn’t contain any of this ingredient.

  1. You can Vape Nicotine wherever you want

One of the most common misconceptions among vapers is that they can use their vaporizers wherever they want – in non -smoking restaurants, bars, offices, etc. After all, vaping isn’t the same as smoking, so anti-smoking rules don’t apply, right? Hewa.

You’ll find many places where vapers can use their e-liquid in non-smoking areas, but more and more local and state authorities have begun banning vaping in non-smoking areas. places where smoking is not allowed.

So, as a general rule, if you want to avoid conflict and legal issues, you better not want to vape in areas where smoking is prohibited.

  1. Blowing by Vaporizer

After some viral stories about vaporizers exploding in the eyes of vapers, consumers are very worried. But there is no reason to believe that vaporizers will explode when used.

Most of the time, problems come when users don’t care and leave their toys at high temperatures or try to change their vaporizers the DIY way. If you’re using a vaporizer from a trusted manufacturer and distributor, there’s nothing to worry about. Your vaporizer will not explode in your face.

Final Thoughts

There will always be stories and misconceptions about products like vaporizers, but it is easy to know what is true and what is not. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your vape session without any worries.

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