5 reasons people are looking for a trip to teach you

Close your eyes and whatever you do, DON’T think about cornflakes.

It’s not possible, is it?

It’s often like ‘not doing’ trying to forget your problems. You put yourself in a position, a book in one hand, a cocktail in the other, the sun in the right corner, the temperature is pleasant, and then bam … are you thinking about work, or the marriage of thy brother, or thou hast closed two doors before thy departure.

For some, the change of features is enough. For others, it’s easier to stop worrying about something you’re using your brain power for something new, like remembering the names of the Mountain Gorillas you’ve seen. (in the wild) or the right wine to combine with fresh Italian truffles. You just eat. The journey to educate you is the journey to connect with you, and leave all the noise behind your mind.

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