5 of the best care services for a group trip

When your employees travel on the road, you are responsible for their safety and well -being. That’s what lifestyle is all about. This is why keeping track of is one of the most important parts of the team travel puzzle.

Given the increase in business travel, coupled with the effects of chronic disease, there is a greater responsibility of care among global businesses. The safety policy gives tour operators a better understanding of the location of their employees, quality, and gives employees a hassle -free business trip for the best possible product.

If you are looking for a responsible caregiver, this article will explain all the resources you need to do your research. Let’s get started.

What does custody mean?

The responsibility of care is part of the legal responsibility and right of the employee to take care of the physical and mental well -being of the employees when they go on the side of the company.

Think of your health care policy as an extension of a travel crisis management program, which you own Identify and evaluate threats to the safety and health of an employee and set up preparatory activities to protect your organization.

However, it is important to understand that the role of the care policy is closely related to legal rights and the need to protect employees and crisis management to fulfill this responsibility.

Services provided by health care providers

Planning for employee safety can be difficult. You can miss important details without a guide. This is where the responsibility of caregivers can help you. This kind of business is possible take good care of crisis assessment and travel readiness help fulfill your organization’s responsibility to employees.

Let’s take a look at the services covered by the agencies that provide care services:

Pre -order

  • Conducts a full crisis analysis: First, caregivers will recognize the risks associated with a trip. These include health risks and accidents, natural disasters, personal injuries, backpacking, road safety, threats of illness and disease, and more.
  • View your tours: next, the company will collect information about your employees. This includes their contact details, medical history, and any health problems that may affect them during the trip.
  • Provides in -depth information: based on the last two filters, you will get in -depth information about the trip – including emergency numbers, tour guides, location maps, and other attractions.

In flight

  • Regular support: The professional tour management team will be on hand to assist your employees in case of any problems.
  • trial program: Caregivers use their tracking programs or rely on a third -party organization to track travel agents on a regular basis.

After the trip

  • Information report: Travel safety agencies will conduct a survey that gathers feedback from your employees so you can easily identify gaps in your travel safety process and document your travel process for the future.

High -end models look like a caregiver business

Now you know the important services that a healthcare professional can provide. However, choosing the best one is among the many options. Take a look at these examples to consider when choosing your care management solution.

  • Include pre -booking, during -flight, and after -flight services
  • Give 24/7 support to trips over the phones and letters
  • Provides a full account of the location and its ongoing status
  • Provides updates on where to go on tours
  • Use a tracking program to track trips on a regular basis
  • Use powerful tools to get real -time insights on travel activities and location

A proper practice of security management will give you a complete overview of each route to identify and eliminate threats before they become complete problems. It’s important to be able to put your employees, and your industry in a very difficult situation.

5 The best care services for a business trip

A well -planned care program will allow you to protect your travel agents and win their trust for the upcoming trip. With proper care planning, you can reduce the risk of planning the right trip.

Let’s take a look at five of the top businesses that offer the solutions you need.

1. TravelPerk

TravelPerk is a comprehensive tour program full of features that enable organizations and travel agents to fulfill their responsibility of travel goals.

Air supported 7-star customer support team, TravelPerk offers a comprehensive and easy -to -use database for travel books. On top of its best practices, the platform allows businesses to protect their travel agents with a safety net policy.

Key USPs of TravelPerk:

  • Full story: TravelPerk lets you create, edit, and navigate your trips from start to finish, from a single site. Employees can have real -time reviews of books prior to the trip, while tour operators can monitor employee movements 24/7 during the trip.
  • Strong combination: TravelPerk’s partnership with International SOS and Northcott Global Solutions will improve its management performance. This company has access to 5000+ medical professionals24/7 communication and direct phone support, training courses, and planning assistance.
  • 360-degree view: Because travel agents can track the movement of employees at all times, organizations can provide real -time assistance in emergency situations and maintain the well -being of their employees.
  • Desired travel information: Travelperk gives you travel tips and information about your future or walking tours. Tourists have access to maps to see where they are going. This is available through TravelPerk’s API, for businesses that want to create custom solutions.
  • nice: Get the ability to cancel for any reason and get it at least 80% of your return. Get a 24/7 support team to help you do this.

TravelPerk can take care of your travel agents with around -the -clock support, staff monitoring, and end -to -end services.

PRICE: free plan, Premium at € 15 / trip, Pro at € 25

2. Northcott Global Solutions

Northcott Global Solutions (NGS) is one of the world’s leading maintenance and service providers for corporate travel management, remote logistics, and crisis response. NGS provides fast and efficient process of care to solve problems and take care of the needs of the employees.

Key USPs such as NGS:

  • Crisis management: planning appropriate solutions to unforeseen emergency situations during a trip.
  • Continue: non -tracking of employee mobility using GPRS / GSM / GPS / satellite integrated platforms.
  • Quick problem response: Quick and affordable emergency response – including assistance on land, evacuation, and relocation – within 24 hours anywhere in the world.
  • papa eLearning: informs employees about possible solutions through its eLearning -approved course on the tour.

NGS is a trusted name in the travel crisis management industry with over 40 years of experience. The company can strengthen your safety policy, especially for international business trips.

PRICE: You need to communicate with their company for pricing. Northcott Global Solutions should be noted for partnering with TravelPerk.

3. Safe and sound

Safeture is a smart tool for employee safety management, equipped with features to identify and eliminate problems in the business journey. The product is available as a web portal and a mobile app that provides convenient access to managers and employees.

Key USPs such as security:

  • Security information: brings you a crisis map to identify potential threats for a trip and select a country to talk to all employees in that country.
  • Problem information: collects and analyzes data to generate observations about key risk areas, risk levels, and category characteristics in an area.
  • Keep track of travel information: integrates a platform travel team with Safeture to view and manage travel data.
  • Trust talk: talk to your employees regardless of their network connection.

With data management and eLearning tools, Safeture is a complete solution to fulfill your security needs.

PRICE: You need to contact us for reasonable price plans. Safeture is integrated with TravelPerk.

4. Riskline

Riskline is a travel intelligence solution that allows businesses to make business -related decisions and fulfill their legal obligations. The manufacturer solves problems by using its proprietary technology across countries and territories to provide accurate and proactive solutions.

Mains USPs as a Riskline:

  • Safety reports: new and in -depth safety reports from the road level for over 260 cities around the world.
  • Advice before the trip: major demonstrations, educating human resources about the challenges they face.
  • Smart talk: collaborates with relevant crisis management agencies to plan and prepare for business trips.
  • Take a sightseeing tour: store problem -related information on your phone with Riskline’s TravelCheck widget.

Riskline is a successful travel risk manager and knowledgeable tool that will fulfill your travel policies and responsibility of care.

PRICE: Not available in public, you should contact for more information. Riskline partners with TravelPerk.

5. SOS world

International SOS is a crisis management provider with the best 100,000 accredited providers a 6000+ physicians. The company provides the necessary services to implement the unique travel crisis management program and the responsibility of proper care for each company.

Mains USPs according to International SOS:

  • Continuous answers: achieve sustainability through strategic initiatives in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards.
  • Threat detection: update in real time to employees who are located in the vicinity of a problem or issue 24/7 on the ground.
  • Global business: genuine global support with its human resources spread around the world in the form of a Global Assistance Network.
  • Proper consultation: communicate with employees on a problem or issue through the International SOS ‘Tracker.

International SOS is a community service provider with many features integrated into a mobile app and a web -based platform to effectively manage emergencies.

PRICE: Prices vary depending on the destination and the design chosen. International SOS integrates with TravelPerk.

Carefully plan your care plan

It is more of a responsibility to care than a good thing for global corporations. Employees need to develop a risk assessment and management plan to fulfill their responsibility of care and maintain employee well -being at all times.

Choosing a maintenance software or service provider can simplify the planning and implementation process. With a tool like TravelPerk, you have the responsibility of managing to make informed decisions, reduce travel workload, and reduce the risk for employee travel. Contact us today to learn more about the solutions.

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