5 Best TravelBank Alternatives

Spending money while in business used to involve a lot of hassle, hassle, and bureaucracy. Fortunately, it’s becoming easier to manage travel plans online, giving you more control and insight.

TravelBank is a popular choice of travel management company (TMC) for businesses of all sizes. However, it can be expensive and difficult to achieve.

If you are looking to compare travel providers, or considering TravelBank options, here is our selection of 5 of the best TravelBank options in 2022.

1. TravelPerk

TravelPerk lets you book travel from the world’s best travel agencies, including flights, trains, hotels, and car rentals. Even better, you can book an Airbnb to get exclusive experiences and unique properties.

One of the best things about TravelPerk is that it combines simplicity, convenience, and affordable prices with the platform. It’s user-friendly and intuitive, making business travel fast and fun.

Behind the scenes, the system allows users to access the best deals on the market on flights, train trips, hotels, and car rentals. It’s easy to plan your entire trip from home to the hotel and back – in the amazing app.

Financial managers will welcome the ability to introduce policies and introduce controls to ensure that all expenses are reasonable and required.

Although you can do everything online, you can access support in seconds – 15, to be exact. In fact, the average wait time for a TravelPerk transaction is only 15 seconds, giving it an edge over any TravelBank option.

Useful features of TravelPerk

  • Easy to set up with no fixed fees and no implementation costs.
  • For a small fee you can add FlexiPerk and receive 80% of your booking fee if you need to cancel for any reason.
  • GreenPerk can offset the carbon impact of your business trip, helping to protect the planet.
  • You can create and customize travel policies to increase compliance.
  • Generate automatic expense reports from travel receipts.
  • Customer support is available 24/7 in English and 9-5 in German and Spanish.

What reviewers are saying:

“I’ve been using TravelPerk for a while now and it’s been a great experience. It’s easy to use and the dashboard is easy to navigate. (Wine)

“Good search results and prices and quick and accurate communication when changing – great service!!”. (Dave Johnson)

How they stack up: TravelPerk v TravelBank

  • Reviewers found TravelPerk easy to use, set up, and maintain.
  • Analysts believe that TravelPerk meets their business needs better than TravelBank.
  • Reviewers believe that TravelPerk offers better customer service when comparing the two.

2. Egencia

You may not have heard of Egencia, but we’re sure you’ve heard of its (former) parent company Expedia. The company prides itself on offering travelers “unmatched value, choice, and experience.” The company is supported by the American Express Global Business Travel (AMEX), giving it worldwide.

The platform is designed for managers who want to increase ROI for business travel by providing travelers with the largest selection of suppliers and places to stay. It supports six languages ​​and can be used in over 60 countries, including the US, Europe, and Asia.

Key features of Egencia

  • Expedia and other popular brands have partnered with it.
  • It’s easy to make VAT returns and refunds.
  • Backed by AMEX to provide value and security.
  • Easily integrate APIs with systems, platforms, and processes.

How they stack up: Egencia v TravelBank

  • Users found Egencia easier to use than TravelBank.
  • The platform gives users more flexibility to use the platform.
  • Analysts believe that TravelBank offers better customer service.
  • More people were willing to recommend Egencia than TravelBank (although the sample size was low).

What reviewers are saying:

“Overall, Egencia is a great tool for my employees to use when I (or my partner) aren’t making reservations. It’s convenient for travel employees.”

Patricia Davies, Office Manager

“Customer service is terrible. It’s funny when we call customer service for something (often), it’s a puzzle if we get someone who knows their work.”

Jessica Fish, Executive Assistant

3. SAP Concur

SAP Concur is a financial management software with a travel component. It’s developed and supported by one of the world’s leading accounting software providers, so it’s no surprise that there are so many great features on offer here. SAP Concur says it has 46,000 global users and markets itself as a solution for financial institutions.

The platform uses a variety of approved providers, including your own built-in policies. Why is this important? Financial managers have more control over the process, which means policies are followed to the letter (something accountants want).

As you’d expect from an accounting provider, it’s focused on graphics and is well integrated with budgets.

SAP Concur useful features

  • Provides the best travel and spending data for financial managers.
  • Ensure all policies are adhered to, protecting funds.
  • SAP’s Concur Expense makes accounting processes faster and more accurate.
  • SAP Concur can be integrated with ERP to provide a 360-degree view of business finances.
  • SAP’s Expense structure allows users to create rules to allocate and approve employee expenses quickly. Users can use the mobile app.

What reviewers are saying:

“I would recommend this app to anyone trying to save time and money on travel and budgeting.”

Kunal, D. Editor

“If you have to enter information, it is PAINFUL. The interface is old and ugly, and adding images and receipts is a difficult task due to poor thumbnails and looking at pictures.”

Eyes T, Inspector

How they stack up: SAP Concur v TravelBank

  • SAP Concur provides excellent financial control, allowing financial managers to monitor travel expenses.
  • The interface and content is much smaller than TravelBank.
  • The platform offers an online information library and helpful videos, something that TravelBank does not offer.

4. CWT

CWT is one of the oldest travel management companies around. You can use the app to plan a trip to over 140 countries, which is more than double what is covered with Egencia, for example.

The program integrates with RoomIT, giving users a choice of over a million properties. Like all providers, he aims to help you get the best price, discussing what he describes as “a budget-friendly trip without the comfort and convenience.”

Financial planners and managers will want a data and reporting tool.

CWT key features

  • Dedicated hotel management and integration allows you to simplify room management.
  • Users can call for help from experts for advice and guidance when booking a trip.
  • AnalytIQs provides reporting and the ability to monitor and control expenses.
  • The platform allows companies to assess the environmental impact of travel choices using ECO – its Employee Wellbeing, Climate Impact, and Organizational Performance framework.

What reviewers are saying:

CWT booked all our travel (domestic and international) when I worked as a General Manager in a South Australian government agency and I was responsible for booking all travel for a company of 170 employees. “

Tracey Lee-C, Marketing Consultant

“The system is clunky, not user-friendly, and often has flight prices listed at a higher price than the airline’s website.”

Lauren J, Delivery Consultant

How they stack up: CWT v TravelBank

  • CWT is a giant in the field, with the ability to rebound. TravelBank is new, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of the blue.
  • TravelBank offers an attractive incentive system, encouraging employees to make low-cost choices and rewarding them.
  • TravelBank can contact the customer 24/7 through channels like Slack, while CWT uses traditional – and slow – methods. This is about the problem.

5. BCD Travel

BCD Travel aims to increase business travel ROI through new technologies and integrations. The company is bigger than TravelBank, but does that translate into better service?

The company focuses on serving small businesses as well as large players. Developers want easy API integration, and provide a variety of new support tools to keep investors informed and in control.

Highlights of BCD Travel

  • BCD Alert provides real-time threat alerts to keep workers safe anywhere in the world.
  • The website has helpful guides and information directed at users and categories.
  • Lumo and AirHelp are partners of BCD. They can use real-time information to help travelers predict disruptions and delays, travel faster and smarter.
  • COVID-19 information: Help organizations make better travel decisions with the latest COVID-19 information.
  • Using BCD’s DecisionSource tool, users can analyze sector spending and monitor key metrics, staying on top of budgets.
  • You can use BCD Travel’s BCD Pay to track total travel expenses, providing a more comprehensive picture of spending.

What reviewers are saying:

There are no third-party reviews of BCD travel online.

How they stack up: BCD v TravelBank

  • Similar to TravelBank’s incentive programs, BCD Travel’s TripSource helps companies reduce travel costs and promote better travel behavior.
  • Smart integration companies like Lumo and AirHelp can help travelers maximize their time and make travel easier.
  • Companies booking travel with BCD can offset carbon with GreenSeat, something you can’t do with TravelBank.

So, which TravelBank is better?

COVID-19 stopped business travel in its tracks, but today, more and more of us travel for business. No matter the size of your business or sector, the fastest, cheapest, and most cost-effective way to organize business travel is by using a travel management company.

Consumers and businesses alike are spoiled for choice, but as we’ve seen in our review of the 5 best TravelBank options, travel management services aren’t all that different. If you are considering an alternative to TravelBank, then choose TravelPerk. You’ll get access to the world’s best travel inventory, 24/7 support, and full cost visibility.

Want to see the future of business travel? Contact us today for a free demo.

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