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When workers establish and implement drug testing programs, they can create a strong barrier to the use of the drug in the workplace. While clinical trial programs cover the entire workforce, traditional drug trial programs cover a ‘working group’ of employees. In each case, the staff knew they would be arrested if they used drugs or prescription drugs.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the drug uses U.S. businesses to sound $ 140 billion every year. This cost results in high conversion rates for workers using the drugs Methamphetamine, Heroin, Cocaine, and Ecstasy.

Organizations around the world are implementing drug monitoring policies that eliminate drug abuse workers while working overtime hours at home. Employers who are not required to look at new recruits or employees who have been hired to use the drug are more likely to discourage and avoid the use of the drug.

In this post, we will discuss five benefits of a wood -free workplace

Reduce employee compensation claims

Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers your employees if they are injured or ill at work. Your company may have to reimburse salary claims and employee compensation if the use of medication in the workplace is not taken into account.

A weak immune system is the way to use medicine. If you have regular medical users on your staff, they will often demand medical bills.

When you implement a drug monitoring program and effectively reduce drug use among employees, your organization will need to set aside less money for employee compensation requirements.

In some countries, workers may receive a reduced wage for workers when they undertake drug -free workplace projects. For example, workers in states such as Washington, Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Virginia can get 5% to 10% credit (a form of insurance coverage) under the programs. non -medical facility.

Increase Productivity

In the United States, the use of drugs in the workplace pays for workers around the world. $ 25 Billion annually due to:

  • The product is lost
  • do not sit

Different types lessons showed an association between reduced productivity and use of alcohol and non -prescription drugs.

Workers who regularly use medications are often slow to work and have difficulty thinking or have difficulty completing various tasks. In a wood -free environment, workers are better off.

Drug users –

  • They are often seen disappearing from their seats
  • It is often found outside the workplace for no reason
  • Often called ‘sick’

While many employees were calling out sick after the weekend party, drug users quickly emerged as offenders. At such times, drug tests may be administered to make sure that an employee is not sick or absent as a result of the drug.

Safety Workplace

A wood -free workplace is a safe workplace. This is not for companies engaged in construction, transport, or other such activities but in the case of traditional industries.

After all, the vast majority of drug users are overweight. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 70% Americans tend to use medications (permanent or part -time). Therefore, regardless of the nature of the occupation, there are times when some employees are using drugs, marijuana, or prescription drugs.

Employees under the influence of drugs are a threat to themselves, their co -workers, and the public. Lack of judgment, lack of judgment, and poor decision making can result in injury and death.

The risk of accidents is higher if the manufacturer uses heavy equipment or high -tech equipment while under the control of non -prescription or non -prescription drugs. .

The drug testing policy not only weakens the use of medication but also helps employees determine if employees are in a state of emergency under the influence of alcohol or medication. He was named after the catastrophic accident medical report and for urine or blood samples.

Let your employees know how much you care for them

Professionals who do not use drugs prefer to work in a non -drug way. When you have a drug -free workplace, it continues to ensure your commitment to the health and safety of all employees, customers, and the public.

Business management and employees work together to achieve the same goals when having healthy relationships in the workplace. A wood -free workplace is one of the best ways to spread those relationships.

Improve your company’s reputation

When you are actively promoting the use of medicine in the workplace, your company is actually sending a message about it.

After completing the pre -treatment review, you will see a small number of candidates who have performed well on a variety of medications. When the people who are leading your group know they are trying a research drug, addicts may not think to ask.

Final Words

Theft in the workplace is not directly related to strong arguments and bitter relationships between employees and the use of drugs in the workplace. Most drug users are more likely to have heated arguments or bad relationships with colleagues or customers.

The benefits of a wood -free workplace outweigh the cost. With the availability of multi-panel drug testing boxes, it is now possible to detect different drugs at the same time.

This is why millions of small, medium and large businesses around the world want to look at job applicants or current workers for drug use.

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