4 Reasons why you should visit Kangaroo Valley

From some of the best pies in Australia to the poorest home -cooked General Cafe, restaurants in Kangaroo Valley are no exception. If you when looking for a typical Aussie steak or chicken parmie with a cold ice cream, look no further than The Friendly Inn Hotel. Choose from a variety of Aussie or world beers, wines or spirits at one of the oldest restaurants. People who think it’s more fun can get involved Highland Valley Forage in the spring. Join the experts in hunting and cooking your own game greens – talk about taking farming at the table to a whole new level!

Got a good tooth? You’ve got the valley! Satisfy your appetite with winning fudge and freshly baked food at Kangaroo Valley Fudge House & Ice Creamery!

Do you like a glass of wine and admire the mountains around you? The Southern Highlands (where Kangaroo Valley is located) is home to over 60 wine shops. Drink winning wines while trying local products such as Angus beef, yabbies, olives and truffles at some of the country’s wine shops.

BONUS: Don’t forget to check out the Berry Donut Van!

Yes, the Berry Donut Van is not in Kangaroo Valley. However, the trip isn’t too far and the short trail is perfect for freshly baked donuts and a thick topping without good choci. After all, Instagram ads and reviews don’t lie.

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