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If you think you are doing everything right, but you do not see the results, you may be hindering your progress by following the wrong advice or the past. Most of them were translated under the famous “Lose weight in a health way!” words.

In the process of losing weight, it is important to start straight and balanced physical activity, Food or other lifestyle.

It affects factors such as muscle size, age, gender, general health and various genres.

However, the fact is that people have often committed similar crimes weight reduction process, due to lack of knowledge and due to their free interpretation. That’s why we decided to isolate the common mistakes that people often make, so that everyone who is just starting out on the path of weight loss with the right advice can avoid it. to common errors and histories.

Here are 3 common mistakes people make when they want to lose weight.

Error number 1

“I’ll do a lot of sit-ups!” Usually, the answer to the question “Why?” is it “My sweetest stocks there.”

Many people think they can choose where they can get rid of fat deposits. In addition, excessive exercise is unhealthy and unhealthy, and can lead to increased stress and pain.

The body does not work in this way. The effects of internal lipolysis have not been proven with the help of current training, and training has often shown that it is not possible to choose where we will remove fat deposits. However, for example, you can use fat from your own body and personality and increase the size of your breasts. Increased breast fat is it a procedure that does not involve chronic pain or breast implants because the stored fats in your own body, such as the abdomen and thighs, are used up. and back.

We get rid of fat or fat deposits by putting on large lumps of meat, not just by working on the muscles of the stomach. In addition, with these exercises, the muscles of the abdomen are greatly strengthened.

Error number 2

“I’m not going to eat anything to lose weight.”

When asked why such abuse, the answer “This way I’ll burn fat faster.” This method is very popular among girls who want to lose weight.

The reason is that it is not true that during hunger, the body enters a special process while prolonging the metabolism, and the number of kilograms increases while taking in only 900 calories each. day.

Think of it this way. When they don’t have enough food, the body puts everything it finds in the “pantry” because it provides a source of energy when food is available. That “pantry” is where the fat stores are kept.

Number 3

“I do full body exercises every day.”

When asked how people plan to accomplish this, the answer is “I go from one machine to another and do exercises for the whole body.”

The reason this method does not have the following results: It takes a lot of time and knowledge to achieve the desired result when restoring the muscles and arms.

Every physical activity shows how important it is for our body, and in those situations it releases the hormone cortisol. This hormone is responsible for the breakdown of fat stores or proteins, in some cases. When we expose the body to stress on a daily basis, not allowing it the rest it needs, it is lost. really great, desires, thoughts and many other things that you do not want to lose. If your food intake is low, then you can have health problems. Tell us all about your weight loss path in the comments below!

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