21 -year -old woman charged with third murder (Video)

A Pennsylvania woman is at the center of controversy after numerous reports confirmed she was involved in a fatal accident that claimed the lives of three men. Jayana Tanae Webb, 21, of Eagleville, has been charged with third -degree murder, manslaughter in a car while driving under the influence, DUI, and related charges of aggravated assault. tragedy claimed the lives of PA State Troopers On Monday. before 1 a.

Conditions associated with a catastrophic accident. According to reports, a law enforcement officer said state police pulled Jayana’s car for speeding but let her go after receiving a phone call from a passerby. walk on I-95. Jayana confirmed the report on Twitter by writing, “Why is the cop pulling me & he says I’m doing 110 mph at about 50.”

Shortly after being released, Jayana and her SUV sped off, however, hitting the soldiers and pedestrians on the south side of the main road as they made their way back to the highway. police car. Stories show that as a result of the accident, two soldiers knocked on the right lanes and tore the side doors of the two drivers from their SUVs.

Even better, Jayana first announced that she was the “best drunk driver” in January. Things are not good for a woman. After appearing before a judge yesterday, he was denied arrest on his appeal and will remain in the back of the jail until his next court hearing, which is expected to be on 5 April.

During the hearing, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office said Jayana gave a post-Miranda Rights statement to officials explaining that she had been drinking Strawberry Hennessy before the accident. Although the arrest was not made, Jayana’s lawyer argued that he was too young, had a previous crime, and had no problem with the public. He argued that if he remained in prison while awaiting trial, it could take up to one to three years.

The judge disagreed with his lawyer and the District Attorney’s Office, saying, “I see there is a public problem here.” Dear friends, we will keep you posted as we learn more about this issue.

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