101 Must know the things of the world: 3C 273

Viewers like to look farther – the longer, the better. Well, what about something that is more than 2 billion light-years old and can be seen through an 8-inch telescope? That’s 3C 273. It is a quasar: a kind of very strong lightning.

At the center of the celestial wonder is a huge black hole that weighs about 1 billion tons of sunlight. There is a lot of gas around this behemoth. As gravity pulls from the black hole to the gas inside, it creates a swirling disk. Most of the energy is created by friction and other forces in the disk.

Quasars are the brightest objects in the universe, and therefore can be seen in the most distant places. The best quasar known was 3C 273 different from the first quasar known.

3C 273 is in the constellation Virgo the Maiden. It is like a star and shines slowly at a magnitude of 12.9. A good star, however, will allow you to see it quickly. Begin your search 4.7 northwest of the magnitude 2.7 Gamma (γ) Virginis.

Astronomers are not able to determine the distance accurately until 3C 273, so they compare by measuring its red movement, which is how much its light changes as it moves away. to us. The greater the red, the farther away the object is. 3C 273 has a red turnover of 0.158, which is about a distance of 2.443 billion light -years.

Let’s end with a number that accurately shows the amazing luminosity of 3C 273: Which is 3.99 trillion times brighter than our planetary star.

Be sure to be careful Astronomy’s full list of 101 cosmic objects you can see. New ones will be added every week in 2022.

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