10 unique places and activities for your professional return

In the world before illness, real -life communication was the quo in the industry, from our relationships in the office to the journey to win customers over at a joint lunch or circle. on the golf course.

The speed and after the disease is a very different story. While the increase in remote and hybrid work has given some employees a better work / life expectancy, the limitations of our digital tools have also been highlighted.

Activities recorded with a single meal and a handshake in a wave of Zoom meetings. Companies that have done a lot in the past, releasing new ideas in moments of intense thinking, are struggling to develop similar levels of innovation on video phones.

Moving farther afield gives us more time to rethink how we come together as partners to reap the benefits of human relationships. As the traditional office becomes a popular model for many organizations, businesses have the opportunity to think about what it means to meet in real life. Looking at a team, business, and team to re -create a space IRL 2.0 and also pull their teams to new and growing locations.

Meeting face -to -face meetings should not be limited to the meeting room, and it is important to understand that the social aspects of the work are the most important to employee happiness and retention. We are changing to a new remote work world, businesses are growing rapidly as companies realize their many benefits.

But every business trip needs to involve a jealous effort that will inspire your employees about a particular part of your organization! With that in mind, we joined our Top 10 recommendations for private business vacations provide epic conversations to keep your team engaged! We promise not to miss a scavenger hunt and zip-lining!

TravelPerk’s free business returns!

1. Engage in an epic food fight

Tomato feast
Photo: Tomatina Festival Spain

Gather your co -workers to smoke and share unforgettable laughs at the world’s best carnivals. It’s a childhood dream for many, what better way to create memories as a group than a big food fight on the beautiful streets of Europe!

Perhaps the most famous of these events is Tomato painting. Every year on the last Wednesday of August, enthusiasts paint the city of Buñol red with hundreds of thousands of kilograms of tomatoes.

For the magical characters who want to leave the battered path, check out the small battle known as the Battle of the Oranges. Held in February in the UNESCO -protected city of Ivrea, the three -day street party began as a commemoration of a young woman’s protest against a horrific crime.

Whichever you choose, arranging your return to work to take a traditional dinner is a fireproof way to ensure that your teams will share memories for years to come!

2. Throw your F1 championship in at the Nürburgring


Keep your team fun once in a while in this legendary racing scene! Last but not least for adrenaline junkies, clubs can choose from a variety of activities. Bless the top players with the driving skills or driving skills of their lives as they walk around the thought -provoking dungeons with a skill!

Start the reunion lunch with a derby-inspired Nürburgring Cup. An exciting challenge, entrants had to plan the right car before hitting the box for their Seifenkisten Grand-Prix. Next, choose the Race of Champions, where the most accurate riders take the crown!

With over 1000 online reception halls and event venues for hosting celebrations and social events, this is an excellent option for those looking to customize their organization.

3. Sign up for the farthest party in the world

country beach

Recorded as “the party at the end of the world,” Detour Discotheque 2022 was held in a fishing village in the heart of Iceland’s Westfjords. This independent pop-up group puts its fun into New York City’s vibrant disco style in the 70s and 80s. With upcoming DJs, vodka cocktails, and right lights to light your way to home, there is no better place for a celebration in 2022.

Next year’s place is reserved, but with the limit, you need to work fast to get tickets for your top players. Or, intensify this awesome event and make your fiesta farthest away! Use a coordinator to help you find an amazing trip and hire the right tools to help you understand your company’s mission in nature!

4. Join an experiment outside of this world

mars cave astroland
Photo: Astroland

Perhaps the best part of the group is to encourage your employees to leave the classroom for an astronomy-themed group event. Located in the caves of Cantabria, Astroland is a new plant designed to model the conditions of life on Mars.

A research facility set up to help scientists establish the conditions necessary to live new life in the red earth, this one -time offsite in life includes amazing experiments to test the communication, decision -making, and re -creation in an extraterrestrial space. pae.

5. Food in the desert

waoakua kaila dune

Dinner might seem like a typical social event. But leave the usual setting for an amazing park, and you can create a memorable evening for your groups.

Consider sending your team to awesome Arizona for dinner under the stars. With the Superstition Mountains at your back and a well-designed setting, you can catch up on the excitement while your co-workers enjoy a face-to-face relationship and a chance to socialize.

Those who want to go out in a natural way can combine this fun party with outdoor trips. Mountain biking, hiking, or horseback riding is your favorite party. If you want a cleaner job, hire a few custom trucks to pick up your employees at their international celebration.

Whatever you want, the remoteness of your area doesn’t mean you have to offer good dining options. From Los Angeles to Puget Sound, Cloth & Flame are experts at turning a tour into a fun event venue for holiday groups. Their menus are filled with the latest local produce, signature cocktails, and a wine menu to delight discerning palates.

6. Complete the Caminito del Rey

caminito del rey

Once the world’s worst hiking trail was discovered, the Caminito del Rey was rebuilt to turn it into a fun outdoor adventure. Located about 100 meters above the Guadalhorce River, visitors can take a snaking board trail through the valley to see the beautiful sights at any time.

At 7.7 kilometers in total, it has the experience of an amazing climb in and out of the cliffs that is ideal for construction workers who want a more natural difficulty. Located close to the beautiful Spanish city of Malaga, you can brighten up the day by swapping your highlights on delicious tapas!

7. Host a bed under a thousand stars

camp at night

Not all outdoor activities need to break the new. Book a hotel about the size of their meeting room and choose to team up under the various rugged feet of the sky with a star -studded decor! What better way to relax than to take in the undeniable beauty of the milky way than by talking to your teammates. Just don’t forget to record the s’mores!

To travel the extra mile, combine your evening under the stars with an overnight stay where groups can relax and make the most of the experience. From renting chic yurts or wineries in Colorado to renting Rocky Mountain apartments complete with hot tubs and roaring fires, Airbnb has a selection of hospitality options. good at breaking up trash. Also, thanks to their Airbnb for Work feature, it’s much easier to find places with good Wi-Fi and relaxing conference rooms where groups can enjoy thoughtful moments after work. inspiring the vibrant vibes of their new places.

8. Enjoy the night at the theater … with a twist


Are you a group of cultural celebrities who want to see the hottest shows in town? If so, gathering for a night of immersive cinema can be a ticket to let your remote team chat.

Think of the pioneers at the school, Punchdrunk has had the fun of walking with great success since their inception in 2000. Sponsored by Porche, this isn’t your typical theater! With shows in London, Shanghai, and New York City, contemporary prints will explore the stories and legends of ancient Troy or take viewers through a film noir reimagination of the most famous tragedy. of Shakespeare, of Macbeth.

9. Enter your favorite print

secret cinema moulin rouge
Photo Credit: Secret Cinema

Have you ever wondered what it was like to drink that movie from Star Wars? Or take the futuristic streets of Blade Runner? If your company wants to make money more than the stage, bringing in a traditional culture with Secret Cinema is a memorable activity.

Experts in creating full immersive sessions, Secret Cinema allows visitors to go into the world of their favorite movie before watching an amazing subject. The right organization is offline, the information is stored in a secret place and starts with an interesting invitation.

Inside, each participant was given a gift, a missionary, and a dress of choice for the evening. If your teams want to release affiliate activities, they will have an amazing opportunity to practice all the details and activities before the big show.

After 13 years of success in the United Kingdom, Secret Cinema has expanded to China and is heading to the Atlantic, with offices in New York and Los Angeles soon opening.

10. Snorkel with sharks in California

snorkeling flipperrs

Nature lovers will not forget the underwater snorkeling trip to the La Jolla Ecological Reserve. Home to sea lions, leopard sharks, and lizards of fun fish, there are a variety of aquatic activities offered to delight outdoor enthusiasts.

Do you want to sit on the waves? Embark on another whale tour, kayak to meet these majestic marine mammals or explore the mysterious lakes of nearby caves.

Feeling motivated? Join our team today to start building a dynamic business return and start reaping the benefits of re -integration with IRL 2.0!

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