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This month, many LGBTQ + tourists are going on summer trips and Pride Month celebrations. However, for this community of travelers, getting around was not as easy – or safe – as the others. In some areas, LGBTQ + tourists are constantly exposed to discrimination and the risk of abuse, so it’s important to find places that are open and well -received – and a high level of vigilance is required. with caution.

To that end, we worked with our partner GeoSure (who owns TripIt’s Neighborhood Safety Scores feature) to identify the safest places for the LGBTQ + community based on their analysis of the metadata captured. hundreds of trusted sources.

Some of these resources include the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, Gay Travel Index, built on diversity and key issues related to the LGBTQ +community, ACLED, Human Rights Campaign – Municipal Equality Index, Amnesty International , Human Rights Watch, Southern Poverty Law Center. , Statistica, and safety information from the GeoSure community.

Here are the top 10 safe cities for LGBTQ +travelers, according to GeoSure data.

10. Portland, Maine

LGBTQ + travel

GeoSafeScore: 82/100

While America’s first major city to elect a gay marriage governor – and home to a Guinness World Record -winning queen – Portland has long hosted (and embraced!) LGBTQ + tourism.

Every June, the city celebrates Pride month with a party and parade. This year, it takes place on Saturday, June 18. And throughout the year, LGBTQ + tourists can enjoy drag performances, queer film festivals, and dance parties, as well as patronize businesses. LGBTQ + of the city.

Did you know Travelers can enter hyperlocal safety numbers for multiple regions in each location in their TripIt tour for more than 65,000 cities and neighborhoods. Specifically, the LGBTQ + safety score includes factors such as the nature of harm or discrimination against LGBTQ + people or groups and the level of caution required in a place. In the TripIt program, Neighborhood Safety Scores look at the level of risk (and the rankings in the column indicate the level of safety).

9. St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

LGBTQ + travel

GeoSafeScore: 82/100

While many cities around the world celebrate Pride month in June, celebrations – including Pride Week – are in St. Louis. John’s start was in July. This year, St. John’s Pride Week and Come Home Queer begin on July 15. The Pride Parade will be held on Sunday, July 24.

Need a place to stay? Take a look at Misterb & b – a vacation rental site that lists private rooms, apartments, and LGBTQ + -friendly hotels to help you choose “hotels that suit your personality and style. your money. “

8. Boston, Massachusetts

LGBTQ + travel

GeoSafeScore: 82/100

While the largest city in the U.S. state (Massachusetts) to legalize same -sex marriage, Boston has long hosted LGBTQ +tourists.

Every April, the city hosts Wicked Queer, an LGBTQ +photo festival. For arts and culture throughout the year, plan a visit to The Theater Offensive – a theater group that works to elevate queer voices and show the diversity of the LGBTQ + community through film .

Head to Boston to celebrate Pride month? Check out the city’s calendar of events for month -long celebrations, as well as events for people with traditional backgrounds.

Looking for a safe place to visit in Boston? Chinatown is a good friend, with a community safety score of 88.

Read more: Rest city: Boston

7. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

safe LGBTQ cities + travel

GeoSafeScore: 83/100

Every year, Kelowna – one of only two cities in British Columbia to make this list – celebrates the LGBTQ + community with Kelowna Pride. More than 12,000 people attended the annual event promoting “a fun and safe way to celebrate Kelowna’s diverse and welcoming community.”

No visits during Pride? Throughout the year, many LGBT2Q + activities take place around the city. Guests can enjoy many outdoor activities – from hiking, canoeing, and skiing to wine tours.

6. Stavanger, Norway

safe LGBTQ cities + travel

GeoSafeScore: 83/100

The Norwegian city of Stavanger has long celebrated the LGBTQ + community – from the start of Gay Days in 1998 and the first gay festival the following year. Since then, celebrations have been held in the first week of September.

This year, Skeivå Rogaland Pride begins on August 29 and ends with a Pride parade and party on Saturday, September 3.

Visitors to Stavanger will also enjoy the true beauty of the city and the surrounding area, including fjords, mountains, and whitewashed beaches, as well as its museums and the beautiful old town.

5. Alicante, Spain

safe LGBTQ cities + travel

GeoSafeScore: 83/100

The port city of Alicante is home to beautiful beaches and a relaxing lifestyle. According to Gay Travel, the city offers “a good selection of accommodation that cater to gay shoppers… you’ll find bars, saunas, and a cruise line, with most of the locations near the sea. ”

Benidorm, a city in Alicante, hosts an annual Pride festival; The festivities will take place from 5-11 September 2022.

4. Dundee, Scotland

LGBTQ + travel

GeoSafeScore: 83/100

While major Scottish cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh host the lion’s share of global tourists, the city of Dundee is the safest in Scotland (and the United Kingdom) for LGBTQ +tourists.

Dundee, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the fourth largest city in Scotland, and is home to many cultural attractions such as the magnificent V&A Museum, cinemas and art centers, and a scenic driveway. Dundee Architectural Trail.

Planning to visit Dundee for Pride? Head to Dundee Pride’s Facebook page for the latest on events happening around the city.

3. San Francisco, California

LGBTQ + travel

GeoSafeScore: 83/100

San Francisco is home to one of the largest and most popular LGBTQ + communities in the U.S. Its history includes LGBTQ + activism and the struggle for equality. According to some, it is the Gay Capital of the World.

That said, San Francisco is home to one of the safest communities for LGBTQ + travelers – the Castro County – with a safety score of 92.

Planning to visit SF for Pride? You’ll be spoiled for choice as to how to get to the events and activities happening in town and across the Bay Area. You won’t forget the big event, the 52nd Annual San Francisco Pride Parade and Celebration, to be held on June 25 and 26.

2. Granada, Spain

safe LGBTQ cities + travel

GeoSafeScore: 85/100

For some tourists, Granada is widely known as the birthplace and home of one of Spain’s most famous LGBTQ + musicians, Federico García Lorca. Throughout the year, the city offers visitors some of the best things in life: delicious food, local wines, and the opportunity to get lost in its streets like a maze.

Going to Granada for pride? The city’s festivals – called Orgullo Granada – are held in June.

Tip: Follow Granada is seen on Twitter for more information about the Orgullo Granada events.

1. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

LGBTQ + travel

GeoSafeScore: 86/100

Victoria is the second city in British Columbia – and third in Canada – to make our top 10 list.

So what’s on offer for LGBTQ + travel? For starters, the Victoria Pride Festival is held on June 23 to July 2 – and after several years of disruption and virtual events, this year is bigger than ever. This year’s festival includes a new parade route and an expanded parking lot for the week’s many signature events.

Not in town for Pride? Victoria boasts beautiful beaches and lakes, gardens and parks, world fun and nightlife, and much more.

Process: TripIt has teamed up with GeoSure, which records metadata captured from hundreds of trusted sources, to determine the safest places for LGBTQ + travelers. TripIt displays safety scores from 1 to 100, indicating low to high, in the Neighborhood Safety Scores (powered by GeoSure) section during a trip.

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