10 SaaS’s Best Travel Services in 2022

A survey found that over 9,000 people 77% want to travel in 2022. If you’re one of them, you need a new travel program to travel to – here are our top ten.

What is a SaaS platform?

SaaS travel software helps you manage your travel plans in one place – whether it’s setting up improvements or managing business trips. Travelers pay to use travel technology and get better travel agents.

Why use SaaS travel solutions?

The SaaS travel solution makes it possible to travel – whether they’re traveling to the Bahamas for a fun trip or traveling to Hong Kong on a business trip. Each solution is different – and takes care of different travel needs – but in general, the travel solutions help:

  • Improve travel logging and improve user experience with advanced software
  • Stay in the travel fund by only offering the options in the policy
  • Provides support when travel arrangements are completed
  • Extend the travel process by keeping everything in one place

These are the ways in which SaaS travel solutions can help – unique solutions have specific benefits. Our list includes software solutions for the travel industry.

Top 10 travel SaaS companies

1. TravelPerk

TravelPerk is a business travel platform that allows your organization to book, manage, and report business travel in one place.

The platform provides companies with 24/7 support with real people, carbon reduction systems that reduce the carbon footprint of your business, and a VAT refund feature that allows you to save up to 20% on business. business travel – and more.

TravelPerk key features:

  • Book a trip online: book, tweak, or maintain hotels, airplanes, car rentals, and train tickets using the full bookkeeping machine.
  • 24/7 support: get high support from real people in 15 seconds or less to make sure your travelers aren’t left confused.
  • Report: carefully review your business trip with a standard report that will allow you to separate the identification by person, mode of transportation, mode of booking, cancellation, refundable VAT, etc. more.
  • Travel safety measures: sharing real -time travel problems and medical reports with travel staff.
  • Sightseeing tour: Easily follow travel agents to ensure safety and knowledge when traveling for business.
  • Easy to fix: TravelPerk’s FlexiPerk allows companies to book a simple trip to guarantee at least 80% of your money when completed two hours before the flight.
  • Always stick to it: use GreenPerk to eliminate the carbon emissions of your business trip by focusing on sustainable practices.
  • VAT refund arrangement: Instantly refund VAT and reduce travel costs by up to 20% with TravelPerk’s VAT refund option.
  • Integration and APIs: integration with third -party software and tools for convenience.

Suitable for: companies looking for international travel destinations.

2. Time change

Timeshifter is a mobile app that relies on circadian rhythms to help employees reduce the effects of disturbed sleep patterns by providing science -backed advice on cognition. lightness, drinking caffeine, and more.

Great Timeshifter features:

  • Jet lag: make adjustments before the trip and follow the instructions to avoid jet lag.
  • Change action: improves health, alertness, and sleep quality during stressful situations.

Suitable for: travel agents and transition workers.

3. Tripgrid

Tripgrid enhances corporate travel management with data management and process automation. This software allows you to manage real -time recordings and create detailed reports for relevant information.

Key Tripgrid features:

  • Add data: get updates in real time by combining corporate travel data in one place.
  • Data format: organize and filter data for better information and quick editing.
  • Testimonials: save time by using detailed data sets to automatically create complex reports.

Suitable for: Businesses looking to better manage travel companies.

4. Inflybo

Inflybo is a one -stop shop for hosting VIP flight rooms. This SaaS journey helps businesses navigate global hosting rooms from an easy -to -use dashboard. You can use this app to view lounge data and create membership cards.

Key features of Inflybo:

  • Gather information: search for cruises to gather travel information and book them.
  • Race: create and sell membership cards to customers.
  • Testimonials: generate reports for all restrooms with one click.
  • View: measuring customer measurements with digital research.

Suitable for: companies looking to operate one or more airport rooms with a well -designed threshold.

5. Soldo

Soldo helps companies monitor costs, cut costs, and save time by separating costs and driving time when they travel for business. This program provides prepaid business cards for easy payment tracking, cost management, and accurate accounting.

Key features of Soldo:

  • Payment card: issue virtual or physical business cards to employees for online and in -store payment on business trips.
  • Wallet: use Soldo wallets to transfer money and organize funds for employees.
  • Rental rights: set borderline rules for travel agents and get real -time information on rental types.
  • Purchase: accept sales requests with a single click to ensure tour operators can easily find what they need.
  • Testimonials: create detailed, real -time reports on wallets, wallets, and cards after a business trip.
  • Addition: Combine financial data between received requests for quick account editing.

Suitable for: start -ups, non -businesses, and small and medium -sized businesses looking to change their business modeling and reporting.

6. Ramp

Ramp helps businesses better manage costs by allowing them to document the business trip and separate revenue and expenses. This program keeps you in control of expenses, invoice, permits and rental policies.

Ramp main features:

  • Travel guidelines: create the company’s entire travel policies in seconds.
  • Conference card: provide employees with debit cards with limits attached to planes, hotels, and diems.
  • Available auto -collect: use intelligent coding rules to segregate financial reporting and organize transactions in real time.
  • Tour guide: understand external policy expenses and payment applications with a comprehensive database and flow dashboard.

Suitable for: employees can book with preferred travel providers and share income reviews and financial statements.

7. Section

Divvy empowers small and medium -sized businesses with business credit lines and financial management arrangements that companies can use to monitor and manage business travel expenses. Businesses can use Divvy’s intelligent automation to simplify the payment process.

Divvy’s main features:

  • Electronic card: manage domain names and purchases with specific credit cards.
  • Investing out of pocket: save the same expenses and mileage fees for tour operators.
  • Description: consider business turnover and make future business trip forecasts with real -time reports.
  • Addition: auto-sync functions by integrating with applications such as Oracle NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and Intuit Quickbooks.

Suitable for: Small and midsize businesses are looking to pick up the card and turn to travel software systems to keep track of travel costs.

8. Circuit

Circula is an employee finance platform that allows businesses to better manage business costs and benefits. This all -in -one application connects everyday businesses with powerful workflow automation that allows for easy travel navigation.

Key Circula features:

  • Expenses: Allow employees to create and send each diem, mileage, sales, and rental reports out of the bag after the business trip.
  • Credit card: physical and virtual cards for business transactions – both locally and while on business trips.
  • Total employee benefits: pay employees with tax -exempt digital documents, mobility budget, or online tuition.

Suitable for: start -up, intermediate, and professional jobs that are looking to make life easier for their employees while on the go.

9. App in the air

The App in the Air is a personalized travel assistance app that helps frequent travelers book, track, and manage flights from one place. Travelers use this app to keep track of statistics, track tours, plan trips with friends, and more.

Key Features on Air:

  • Features of real -time flight: follow the slow flight and drive air tickets with ease.
  • Travel planner: get directions for driving into the airport.
  • Operating account: to navigate flight schedules and fixed numbers between aircraft.

Suitable for: frequent flyers looking for a complete tour guide program.

10. Need

Virtuo is a car rental service that you can use from all over the UK and Europe. This platform is used seamlessly by allowing you to book, search, and unlock cars with the app.

Major Virtuo features:

  • App-in-One: use Virtuo software to understand fuel consumption, mileage, and more.
  • Required for business: enjoy easy pay options and navigate employee books with ease.
  • 24/7 Support: get instant answers to your car rental questions before, during, or after the rental.

Suitable for: people and businesses looking for fast and easy car rental services in the UK and Europe.

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