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Magical cells are complex compounds that contain psychoactive compounds such as psilocybin and psilocin. The roots of the magic haloes were known as magic truffles. Stone philosophers also know that magic truffles are a kind, hard nodules formed on the mycelium of another.

People have used truffle magic for centuries to aid in rituals and are believed to be a gateway to deep spiritual insights. One can eat these truffles by making truffles, which promotes long -term health benefits. Because truffles and truffles are made of the same compound, psilocybin, eating them has the same properties.

In this article, we will talk about some facts about magic truffles.

1. Problems:

People use magic mushrooms and truffles for their various health benefits. Studies show that psilocybin and psilocin play an important role in magic truffles in curing mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and depression. In an experiment done to see the effects of psilocybin, people who went to a psilocybin -assisted treatment experienced spiritual changes and changes in their lives. Psilocybin helps balance the amygdala (a group of nuclei that regulate emotions) by altering our brain’s response to negative stimuli. Magic truffles are also good for reducing headaches and migraines. Therefore, eating magic truffles can provide great relief to migraine sufferers and mental illnesses.

Most laws prohibit the sale, growth, and consumption of shrooms and truffles. However, some countries have relaxed the rules for magic halls due to the psychedelic features offered to consumers. Some Middle Eastern countries offer severe penalties for alcohol and cannabis but allow magic truffles. Countries like Bali are free to shop and eat at magical halls.

In the Netherlands, it is legal to buy and eat truffles, even though magic halls are not allowed. Canada also has a law for magic huts and selling them in outdoor stores and online stores. People living in Canada can buy them online by googling to buy Canadian shrooms and have them delivered to their home.

3. Contribute to the development of positive thinking:

In one study, scientists gave the amount of psilocybin to 51 ounces and found that 30 people experienced long -term personality changes. People showed a lot of openness in their style. This is especially good for people diagnosed with cancer who feel emotionally drained and pessimistic about life. Magic truffles are psilocybin that can change people’s minds. Research has shown that psilocybin can control people’s thinking process and help them change. Positive changes in their mindset can help them feel more comfortable eating healthily and enjoying life for the rest of their lives.

The development of new neurons (brain cells) is called neurogenesis. Psychedelic -rich psilocybin can stimulate neurogenesis. According to the experiment, when the scientists injected psilocybin into the mice, their brains showed a slight increase in the number of new brain cells. Psilocybin can bind with the brain to stimulate brain growth and short -term memory function.

5. Get high power:

There are more than 200 different species of magic truffles growing in different countries. While magic truffles grow underground, they are just as powerful as magic truffles. Truffles contain an alkaloid group of psilocybin, which is very potent. The most common way to eat magic truffles is to microdose them. Microdosing helps to raise awareness and productivity in people.

6. Helps in the fight against addictions:

The psilocybin in magic truffle is an excellent remedy for fighting allergies. Scientists investigated this in relation to participants with smoking addiction, where participants underwent psilocybin treatment for 12 months. After the experiment, the scientists found that 60 percent of the participants refrained from smoking, while 86 percent of the participants shared their knowledge as a smoker. very important in their lives.

This shows that truffle magic users can see the same effect after eating it. Most psilocybin users question themselves for using toxic substances, where they struggle with their withdrawal symptoms. It also reduces their desire for wealth. A psilocybin detox to fight addiction takes about 24 hours to start showing its effects.

7. Magic halls return:

There is a time when the life of the magic truffle goes back. This idea comes from a 1992 journal which reported that rock art in the Sahara dating back 9000 years showed halucinogenic properties. The photograph shows the haloes covered by the photographs, and there are many photographs of it. These features lead us to believe that people have been associated with halucinogenic since ancient times.

8. They are not additives:

Because psilocybin is hallucinogenic in magic spells and magic truffles, people think eating it will bring addiction into their lives. But the truth is, psilocybin is not addictive. This is why the use of psilocybin to perform a mental and physical activity reduces people to their frequent use. Second, the human body can quickly build up tolerance to psilocybin effects. People who regularly take psilocybin for a few days, it is very difficult to see any effect.

9. Health problems:

Despite the universal health benefits and non-addictive properties of psilocybin, it does have some health risks. Problems are mostly emotional and have minor physical effects, but they are different from each person. Common side effects include high blood pressure, dilated pupils, and increased heart rate. If any of these consequences occur, then the only way to reduce them is to wait for the consequences to resolve.

10. Psilocybin and Flashbacks:

Flashbacks re -start the emotional, stressful experiences. These symptoms can persist from a few weeks to years after the use of psilocybin. Doctors call this disease a hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD). This is also a problem due to the use of psilocybin. Flashbacks can be very irritating, cause fear, anxiety, and symptoms associated with schizophrenia. People can treat this disease with the use of medication or, in most cases, flashbacks resolve within six to eight hours.


So here are ten amazing things about magic truffles. Although magic truffles and magic truffles look and grow differently, they have the same effect due to the psilocybin component. If you are a former user of magic haloes or truffles, please take it a little. It can help if you are close to your friends or family to take it and if you can’t keep the information, someone else will take care of it.

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